A cinesational night scene showcasing blue water fountains, with lights above intricately forming the shape of a bicyclist.

CineSational Drone Show Nighttime Spectacular Debuts at Universal Studios Florida

Brit Tuttle

A brand new nighttime spectacular, CineSational: A Symphonic Spectacular, has officially debuted at Universal Studios Florida. The drone show also utilizes water screens, fountains, lasers, and more special effects, highlighting fan-favorite properties from Universal Studios films and park attractions.

CineSational: A Symphonic Spectacular

        Sign at an outdoor location promoting "CineSational: A Symphonic Spectacular" show starting at 9:00 pm in Universal Orlando's Central Park, and advertising Cinesational film rentals on Fandango for home viewing.

Directional signage with the daily showtime was set up to show guests to head to Central Park for viewing.

A wrought iron archway labeled "Central Park" stands over a pathway with people walking, set against a cinematically cinesational cloudy sky at dusk.
Two signs on wet pavement: one for a Universal Annual Pass and another indicating accessible entry. People stroll in the background beneath a cloudy sky, giving the scene a cinesational atmosphere.

Universal Orlando Annual Passholders have exclusive viewing areas. Signage also guides guests to accessible viewing areas.

A sign in a park reads "Cinesational Special Event" with a logo for Universal Orlando Annual Passholder. People are gathered around in the background, some standing and some sitting.

The UOAP seating area is on the third level of the park.

A nighttime crowd watches a mesmerizing water and light show, with the word "Cinesational" brilliantly projected on a mist screen in the vibrant urban setting.

The CineSational logo is displayed on the water screens.

A cinesational nighttime light show features drones forming images of an animated green ogre and a talking donkey in the sky, with blue and purple lights and fountains in the foreground.

DreamWorks properties are featured since Universal now owns the animation department. The new DreamWorks land officially opened on June 14, also at Universal Studios Florida.

A cinesational water and light show at night features blue water fountains and lasers. The night sky displays a formation of lights depicting a character's silhouette.

“How to Train Your Dragon” will be part of Universal’s upcoming theme park, Epic Universe. The Isle of Berk is one of the themed lands that will open alongside the park in summer 2025.

Cinesational Universal globe logo illuminated with lights and lasers at night, set against a background of mist and fountains.
A cinesational nighttime light show features a formation of synchronized lights creating the outline of a dragon in the sky, with fountains and buildings illuminated in blue in the background.

Classic Universal films such as “E.T.” are also part of the show.

A cinesational night scene showcasing blue water fountains, with lights above intricately forming the shape of a bicyclist.
A cinesational nighttime display features blue water fountains lit up against the dark sky. In the background, a formation of lights forms the shape of a hand showing the peace sign, creating an unforgettable spectacle.
An audience watches a cinesational nighttime water and light show with colorful fountains and laser projections against a smoky backdrop.

“Ghostbusters” isn’t a Universal property, but it has a long history with both the park itself and Halloween Horror Nights. It’s also currently included in the Summer Tribute Store.

A night scene with a cinesational water and light show featuring Minions. The crowd watches as colorful lights and water sprays create visuals, including a large Minion shape in the sky made of lights.

And, of course, there are Minions.

A cinesational nighttime water and light show features colorful fountains, laser lights, and a large illuminated figure against a backdrop of buildings.

King Kong towers over the park in a drone version of his Empire State Building climb.

A cinesational nighttime water light show featuring projected numbers and colorful lights against a backdrop of a building and trees, with a silhouetted crowd watching in the foreground.

The Back to the Future series is also featured.

Watch our full video of CineSational below.

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