Big Thunder Mountain Reportedly Closing for Major Refurbishment & More: Daily Recap (6/15/24)

Katie Francis

Collage of theme park attractions: top-left water-side view of a mountain; top-right and center pins on display; bottom-left close-up of a green dinosaur; bottom-right castle entrance to "Be Our Guest" restaurant.

Big Thunder Mountain Reportedly Closing for Major Refurbishment & More: Daily Recap (6/15/24)

Big Thunder Mountain Railroad is reportedly closing for a major refurbishment as part of the Magic Kingdom expansion, a Disney World food and beverage union has filed a list of demands, and Rex from “Toy Story” is coming to Shanghai Disney Resort — all this and more in today’s daily recap for Saturday, June 15, 2024.

Walt Disney World

Magic Kingdom

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A sign with the word "EPCOT" and a directional arrow indicates the park entrance, surrounded by greenery and trees in the background.

Disney’s Hollywood Studios

A pathway lined with green plants and colorful lamp posts leads through a garden area. Bamboo trees and other foliage are visible under a clear sky.

Walt Disney World Resort Hotels

A colorful mural depicting a scenic bayou with a waterfall, water tower labeled "Tiana's Foods," and lush vegetation, displayed indoors in front of a wall with windows. This enchanting scene offers the perfect Tiana Photo Op for fans visiting Port Orleans.

New Merchandise

A collage of four Disney-themed pins, featuring vintage-style designs related to the Hollywood Tower Hotel and beloved Disney characters, reminiscent of a charming daily recap of enchanting moments.

Other Walt Disney World News

Be Our Guest Restaurant sign

Disneyland Resort

Clear plastic cup filled with red jelly and topped with a rainbow-colored Mickey Mouse-shaped candy on a stick. Background shows a standing person and outdoor setting.

Tokyo Disney Resort

Bag of Calbee potato chips with Mickey and Minnie Mouse illustrations, surrounded by a pile of crispy potato chips. The bag features Tokyo Disney Resort branding and Japanese text.

Shanghai Disneyland

A person in a green dinosaur costume stands in an event space, holding the sides of their face with both hands. Brightly colored lights are visible in the background.

Entertainment and Media

Inside Out 2 characters

WDW News Today

Opening Day Attraction Closing To Become DVC Lounge

Tiana’s Bayou Adventure – Nighttime POV – 4K Multicam

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