EPCOT Flex Space Opens With Picnic Tables & Umbrellas

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EPCOT Flex Space Opens With Picnic Tables & Umbrellas

After a year of construction, the flex space next to the Imagination! Pavilion at EPCOT has reopened with new seating and shade for guests to relax.

EPCOT Flex Space

Outdoor seating area with tables and string lights in front of a modern building with angled roofs. The area is surrounded by greenery and situated under a bright, partly cloudy sky.

One end of the flex space opened with the Florida Fresh booth for the 2024 EPCOT International Flower & Garden Festival. Now the rest of the area is open, providing more space for guests dining during festivals or relaxing in the shade.

Outdoor seating area with picnic tables, string lights, sun umbrellas, and grassy field under a clear sky. Two people are seen in the background near the tables.

Most of the space is covered in artificial turf, with short pink concrete walls around the edges. There are trees and shrubs in flowerbeds.

Several picnic tables with umbrellas stand on a grassy area, surrounded by greenery and light poles, with a large, angular building in the background.

Round fans are mounted on tall white poles. We originally speculated these columns were to support a roof or shade, but instead, they support string lights.

Outdoor scene at a park with an umbrella, lamp posts, trees, string lights, and a monorail track in the background under a clear blue sky.

There are seven poles with several strings of lights between them. There are also lampposts along the sidewalks. Shade is provided by umbrellas on the edges of the grassy space and over a handful of picnic tables.

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A sidewalk running behind the grassy space is blocked by trash and recycling cans and a set of stanchions. It’s probably meant for Cast Members only.

Open outdoor area with green artificial grass, picnic tables, white pillars, and string lights. Background includes trees, shrubs, a building, and people in the distance. Sky is clear with some clouds.

There are more trash and recycling cans throughout the area.

A small outdoor building with a covered awning, adorned with decorative greenery and topped with small lanterns. Several large potted plants are placed in front of the building. The sky is clear and blue.

In addition to the Florida Fresh booth on the south side of the space, there’s another booth on the north side, near the restrooms. This is the Wine & Wedge Global Marketplace from the EPCOT International Food & Wine Festival. The sign was still on the kiosk when it was recently installed but it’s been removed and trees are in front of the window.

A small stone building with a wooden pergola and potted plants on either side. The sky is clear with a few clouds, and another building is partially visible to the left.

The 2024 Food & Wine Festival begins in August.

The EPCOT flex space’s opening comes a day before CommuniCore Hall and Plaza are scheduled to finally open, marking the completion of the park’s years-long reimagining.

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