More CommuniCore Construction Walls Come Down at EPCOT as Opening Date Approaches

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An exterior view of CommuniCore Hall at EPCOT, featuring a geometric-patterned facade with plants in the foreground on a sunny day as the walls come down to reveal its stunning design.

More CommuniCore Construction Walls Come Down at EPCOT as Opening Date Approaches

With just a few days remaining before the opening of CommuniCore Hall, numerous walls have come down at EPCOT. While some walls have been replaced with planters, others have completely disappeared, allowing guests to get their first look at the park’s completed reimagining.

EPCOT Reimagining Nears Completion

CommuniCore Hall

Facade of CommuniCore Hall at EPCOT surrounded by tropical plants and trees under a clear blue sky. The building's geometric design stands out, inviting visitors to come down and explore its vibrant space.

The long-awaited CommuniCore Hall can now be seen from the ground in EPCOT. Guests can get close to this entrance of the building, which is set to open on June 10.

A modern building with geometric patterned walls labeled "CommuniCore Hall" is partially obscured by palm trees and greenery, capturing the futuristic spirit of EPCOT.

Rolling planters block the pathway to the entrance until the grand opening.

WDW EPCOT Walls Down Moana 5

On the side of CommuniCore Hall, the only thing separating guests from the newly finished exterior of the building is a retractable belt divider. It features a similar triangular pattern inspired by Spaceship Earth.

People walking on a paved path near lush green trees and bushes under a partly cloudy sky. A white geodesic sphere from EPCOT is partially visible among the trees.

Guests can now walk down the large sidewalk between CommuniCore Hall and Journey of Water, Inspired by “Moana.”

CommuniCore Hall Murals

A building with a geometric facade and colorful murals on the lower part resembles EPCOT's innovative design. A palm tree and greenery are in the foreground, with a partly cloudy sky in the background, creating a picturesque scene where walls come down between nature and art.

The construction walls coming down means we can see the whole EPCOT mural around the entrance of the Mickey & Friends meet and greet. The mural was unveiled during a Cast Member event. Installation began in February.

Colorful mural featuring a space and cartoon theme with playful characters, geometric shapes, and vibrant patterns against a futuristic EPCOT building facade. Greenery is visible in the foreground as you come down the path along the walls.

The colorful mural features various elements of EPCOT, including defunct attractions like Horizons. The robot butler of Horizons is outside the attraction’s building, vacuuming. A scuba diver is above the Mission: SPACE facade.

A vibrant, colorful mural at EPCOT features a cartoon dog flying a spaceship, with geometric patterns and a bright, angular background that makes the walls come down around you in an explosion of creativity.

It also features Mickey and his pals enjoying the park. Goofy is pictured flying a spaceship around the former Wonders of Life Pavilion. The Land Pavilion is depicted next to Wonders of Life.

A colorful mural featuring Mickey and Minnie Mouse on a geometric building exterior at EPCOT, partially obscured by plants in the foreground. As you stroll by, let the vibrant walls bring down any worries, immersing you in artistic magic.

Mickey and Minnie are in spacesuits next to a yellow version of Spaceship Earth. Three stripes in front of Spaceship Earth represent the lucite pylons of the entrance fountain.

An outdoor area with lush green plants and a colorful wall mural featuring a cartoon character in the background, reminiscent of EPCOT, near a chain-linked queue area.

In front of the mural is a metal fence and stanchions for the outdoor queue of the new meet and greet.

The exterior of the building at EPCOT features a geometric facade with colorful character murals, complemented by a palm tree and lush greenery in the foreground. Visitors are invited to come down and take in the vibrant scene that makes this spot truly unique.

The part of the mural that isn’t visible yet features Figment, the Dream Machine, World of Motion, and a Nova Corps Star Blaster.

CommuniCore Plaza

A large black construction wall with signs stands in front of a building at EPCOT. Trees surround the area, and the sky is clear with scattered clouds.

Construction walls remain up at the back of the Mickey & Friends meet and greet and CommuniCore Plaza.

A stage under construction with colorful decor hanging from the top, reminiscent of a vibrant EPCOT attraction. A black fence with a sign partially obstructs the view. Clear blue sky and some trees are visible in the background, hinting at the magic that will unfold once these temporary walls come down.

We’ve previously reported on the flags and column wraps for “¡Celebración Encanto!” The limited-time sing-along will debut in the Plaza on June 10 with the opening of CommuniCore Hall and Plaza.

A stage under construction with a decorated canopy, black barriers, and various colored flags hanging at EPCOT. A tree with brown leaves is on the left and a white patterned screen stands in the center, ready for the walls to come down.

The back of the LED screen hanging over the Plaza stage features a Spaceship Earth-inspired design.

WDW EPCOT Walls Mickey and Friends CommuniCore Hall Plaza Stage 7

Walls continue around the corner, followed by rolling planters.

WDW EPCOT Walls Down CommuniCore Hall and Imagination

Walls are down from around this large flowerbed near the Imagination! Pavilion.

A view of a recreational area with a pond and manicured lawns in the foreground, a curved bridge above, and various buildings, including an EPCOT-like spherical structure, in the background. People are walking around as if walls come down between nature and architecture.

Walls are also gone from the front of CommuniCore Plaza.

People walk near a building with modern white support structures and trees in front. A pathway is in the foreground, with a grassy area and a small pond. The sky is clear, reminiscent of EPCOT's inviting atmosphere where the walls come down to embrace open spaces.

The space is lined with trees.

A group of people walk on a wide pathway surrounded by greenery and trees under a bright blue sky with scattered clouds, their spirits lifted as they pass by the iconic walls that remind them of their magical day at EPCOT.

Rolling planters block the Plaza entrance.

Modern building labeled "CommuniCore" with geometric facade and walls that seem to come down from the skies, surrounded by green bushes and palm trees, under a clear blue sky. Pathway leading to another structure in the background evokes the futuristic vision of EPCOT.

Through the plants, we can see the completed Plaza. A scissor lift is parked in front of this CommuniCore Hall entrance. There are restrooms accessible from the outside.

An outdoor area with modern architectural structures, palm trees, and construction equipment under a partly cloudy sky evokes the futuristic charm of EPCOT as walls come down to reveal new possibilities.

Palm trees are in large planters between slanted light columns.

Outdoor stage setup with lighting rigs, a red equipment lift, and colorful decorations. Geodesic sphere structure reminiscent of EPCOT and trees in the background under a clear sky.

Another scissor lift is near the Plaza entrance.

An outdoor stage setup with colorful decorations and lights, situated near EPCOT's iconic spherical structure. With the walls down, scaffolding and greenery are visible in the foreground, creating a vibrant atmosphere.

From here, we can see colorful wraps on four of the columns around the stage.

A blank screen is framed by a decorative border with a garland of colorful flags hanging above it, reminiscent of EPCOT's festive ambiance. In the background, lush greenery adds to the scene as more walls come down, creating an open and inviting space.

The LED screen is decorated with a terra cotta frame featuring stonework and shingles covered in foliage. It’s inspired by Casita from “Encanto.”

Restroom Near the Front of the Park

A person wearing a pink shirt and black pants stands on a concrete pathway near a green-walled building in EPCOT, holding a camera up to their face. Trees and a blue sky are in the background, lending an air of tranquility as the walls come down around them.

Near the front of the park, there are no more construction walls next to the west Spaceship Earth restrooms. Planters block a sidewalk into World Nature.

A pathway at EPCOT is partially blocked by planters and construction walls amidst trees and a blue sky, but soon those walls come down to reveal new wonders.

The sidewalk passes the Journey of Water Inspired by “Moana” water station. Crews have been planting trees and shrubs to block the station from view. For now, the path is for Cast Members only.

Flex Space

A garden with neatly trimmed bushes, white lamp posts, and tall trees under a blue sky with scattered clouds. There is a grassy area in the middle and a walkway on the right that might remind you of EPCOT's meticulously designed landscapes.

Closer to the Imagination! Pavilion is the flex space that has been under construction for several months. The space most recently held a playground but it’s been a long time since guests could enjoy it. Part of the flex space opened at the start of the 2024 EPCOT International Flower & Garden Festival with the Florida Fresh booth.

A landscaped area with trimmed bushes, green grass, and pathways at EPCOT, framed by tall light posts and trees in the background, invites you to relax as the walls come down around enchanting vistas.

Walls remain up around the front of the space but it’s looking much further along than when we last shared a construction update. There are now plants filling the flowerbeds throughout the space. Artificial turf covers the ground that isn’t paved sidewalk.

Outdoor area with tall white columns, hanging string lights, lush greenery, and trees. A visible pathway leads to a building with a sloped roof in the background under a blue sky—reminiscent of EPCOT’s charm when walls come down and reveal hidden gems.

We speculated that the large white columns added to the edge of the space in May were for a roof that would provide shade. No roof has been installed yet, but lights hang from wires strung between the poles. A small area is blocked off by tarps in front of this trio of poles.

A lush garden area with green bushes and trees, featuring a structure of white columns and string lights, reminiscent of EPCOT's serene ambiance, set against a clear blue sky.

The sidewalks loop around the grassy space.

A landscaped outdoor area featuring green hedges, trees, a pathway, and lampposts evokes a scene straight out of EPCOT, with a partially visible modern building on the right under a clear blue sky where walls come down to showcase architectural beauty.

We noted last time that a kiosk had been installed on the far side of the flex space. It’s the Wine & Wedge booth from the 2023 EPCOT International Food & Wine Festival, an early arrival for the 2024 Food & Wine Festival, which begins in late August.

A garden area with tall white posts, string lights, and neatly trimmed hedges. Spherical light fixtures illuminate the lawn dotted with trees and a building in the background under a clear sky. The space feels like EPCOT has come down to Earth, creating an enchanting atmosphere within its walls.

Since our last update, the Wine & Wedge sign has been removed from the booth. The sign had a purple and silver design for the 100 Years of Wonder celebration. Wine & Wedge may be getting a new sign for this year’s festival, or the booth may be getting a new name.

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