A glass phone booth stands in front of a retro-styled building with signs for an arcade, theater, and video store. To the right of the booth, a yellow bike is parked, and a bench is on the left.

Bill & Ted’s Phone Booth and More Movie References Added to Universal Studios Florida Tribute Store Facade

Shannen Ace

Several new props have gone up outside of Tribute Store Plaza, the mall-themed facade of this summer’s Tribute Store at Universal Studios Florida. The store opened two weeks ago but Universal continues to add movie references and clues.

Tribute Store Facade Updates

A storefront complex features a Mega Video store, a Mega Camera and Theater shop, a Tribute Store Pizza, and a phone booth. The sidewalk has star-shaped plaques, resembling a Walk of Fame.

The biggest addition to the Tribute Store Plaza facade is Bill and Ted’s time-traveling phone booth from “Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure” and subsequent films. The silver phone booth with an umbrella-like antenna on top is in front of the faux display windows to the left.

A glass phone booth stands in front of a retro-styled building with signs for an arcade, theater, and video store. To the right of the booth, a yellow bike is parked, and a bench is on the left.

The booth’s installation comes just a few days after Universal Orlando Resort posted on X, “PSA: If you see a [phone] in the park, answer it.”

A sign on a payphone reads, "Sorry... This payphone is out of order. For your convenience, management for Mega Video Rentals has a phone. (You can't use it, but they do have a phone). Next door, the tribute store might have what you need.

A sign on the phone booth window reads:


This payphone is out of order

For your convenience, management for Mega Video Rentals has a phone.

(You can’t use it, but they do have a phone)

A note under glass at Lou's Cafe, a charming tribute store, reads, "Do not open until 1985." The note is aged, with visible dirt and a piece of a hat in the frame.

Inside the phone booth are various references beyond just Bill and Ted. This paper from Lou’s Cafe with “Do not open until 1985” written on the outside is from “Back to the Future.” It’s the letter Marty writes to Doc, hoping to stop his future death.

A black hat and a note reading "Don’t pick up call 1985" are on a dusty telephone booth floor with visible sunlight and a tiled floor outside.

The letter is on the floor next to Abraham Lincoln’s top hat from “Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure.”

An empty phone booth contains a single boot and a yellow flyer on the floor. Dirt and dust coat the surfaces, giving it an eerie resemblance to a forgotten corner in an old tribute store.

Cowboy boots are in another corner of the booth, next to a Food Palace brochure.

Close-up of a medieval-style helmet on display against a red and beige backdrop, enclosed in a metallic frame.

A knight’s helmet sits on a shelf.

A shelf with a cowboy hat, a torn piece of newspaper, and two round stickers with the text "MYSTERYDS" in a corner of a room.

Behind the helmet is a newspaper clipping about a giant ape terrorizing the Roosevelt Island Tram. This is a reference to the defunct Universal Studios Florida attraction Kongfrontation. There are also two circle stickers on the shelf, one reading “Mystery.”

A small corner shelf in a public space containing a coaster, two guitar picks, a circular badge, and a small card within an enclosure with red, beige, and metallic surfaces.

A newspaper clipping on another shelf has “Call Rufus” written across it. Rufus is the time traveler sent back in time to ensure Bill and Ted become successful musicians.

A museum display case with a folded newspaper, a red carnival or ticket stub, and a yellow object inside. .

Also on this shelf is a Laguna Lounge ad and more circle stickers reading “Comedy” and “Science Fiction.”

A book titled "Circuits of Time" hanging from a chain in a display case, with sunlight casting shadows on it.

Hanging under this shelf is the Circuits of Time directory.

A red and silver metal surface with wires stuck in it.

Exposed wires stick out of the phone booth wall.

An orange bicycle with a yellow basket is parked at a bike rack outside a shop displaying an "Open" sign, with purple flowers in a planter nearby.

Next to the phone booth is an orange and yellow bicycle. It has a sleek retro design.

A vintage phone booth stands beside a bench and a yellow bicycle outside a storefront, with flower pots and "open" sign visible.

Two new cork boards in blue frames have been added above the planters along the wall.

Bulletin board displays various colorful flyers, posters, and announcements in glass cases. Nearby, a door is partially open with a sign indicating the location is open for business.

The boards are covered in flyers and business cards.

A movie poster advertising the upcoming film "Danger Road: Space Road" is pinned on a bulletin board, surrounded by notices prohibiting skateboarding, loitering, loud music, and sitting on furniture.

This flyer advertises “Danger Space Road” with a neon design.

The action packed eleventh sequel to the world-wide Danger Road franchise. When family just isn’t enough to save the world, one cybernetic being is ready to take on the space cyber apocalypse. Hand to robot hand.

The flyer seems to be poking fun at Universal’s own “Fast & Furious” franchise.

A bulletin board with various signs on it.

One flyer advertises Universal’s Great Movie Escape, a real escape room experience in CityWalk featuring rooms inspired by “Back to the Future” and “Jurassic World.”

A bulletin board in the tribute store features a vintage-style sign that reads "We Repair Everything," offering VCR and static television repairs. An illustrated character holds a screwdriver and points at the text.

Another flyer advertises the repair services of Mega Video Rentals, one of the Tribute Store’s fictional businesses.

A bulletin board displaying various business cards and flyers, including ones for automotive detailing, hardware, a CPA, a scientist/inventor, and even a local tribute store. Notes and pushpins are also visible.

Business cards pinned to the bottom of this board include those for Biff’s Automotive Detailing and Dr. Emmett L. Brown Enterprises — both references to “Back to the Future.” Another card is for Louis Tully, Certified Public Accountant from “Ghostbusters.” A card for Maitland Hardware from “Beetlejuice” covers another card reading, “Call Betelgeuse Betelgeuse Betelgeuse.” Martin C. Brody, the Chief of Police from “Jaws,” has added his business card to the mix.

A corkboard display features a community notice about a missing person, Alex M. Kintner, last seen on June 29 on Amity Town Beach. It also has a sign for limited quantity 2-day rentals and CPA business cards.

There’s also a hand-written letter from Brody beseeching for help catching the shark that killed Alex Kitner.

A movie ticket stub is pinned to a cork board. The ticket is for a showing at the Hollywood Theater on May 24, 2014, and reads "GHSSBST".

Sitting inside the frame below the cards is a Tribute Theater ticket for “Ghostbusters.” The date — May 24, 2024 — is the opening date of the Tribute Store.

An orange piece of paper with text partially visible under a glass surface with reflection. The text reads "Terms and" and "removal or facing" among other words. A "No Loitering" sign is seen above it.

There’s also a card for Mega Video Rentals.

A flyer on a bulletin board reads "Amity Island Annual Monster Festival" with "Open All Summer" in smaller text, next to a business card for Martin C. Brody, Chief of Police.

There’s a matchbook for Monsters Hideaway, “open all summer.” The All Hallows Eve Boutique at Universal Islands of Adventure has transformed into the Universal Monsters-themed tiki bar-themed shop for the summer.

A key chain with keys attached to it.

A set of keys hanging inside the corkboard display case is labeled for phone booth access.

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