New Lion King MagicBand+ Available at Disney’s Animal Kingdom

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A hand holds a packaged watch featuring a cartoon lion face reminiscent of the Lion King and a colorful band, on display in Disney's Animal Kingdom store.

New Lion King MagicBand+ Available at Disney’s Animal Kingdom

The new Lion King MagicBand+ is now available at Discovery Trading Company in Disney’s Animal Kingdom. The 30th-anniversary band had previously only been available at the Disney Store.

‘The Lion King’ MagicBand+ – $44.99

A hand holds a wristwatch with a colorful band featuring animal designs inside a shop, reminiscent of Disney's Animal Kingdom, with shelves of various items and vibrant decorations in the background.

The redesigned Lion King MagicBand+ features Simba in the middle with red and pink flowers surrounding his head. The band is green and features some fan-favorite characters from the 1994 film.

On one side of the band, Timon leads the way as Pumbaa and Simba follow him. On the other side of the band, near the top of Simba’s head, Zazu stands on top of an orange grub. Beneath him, a smiling Timon holds up the grub on a leaf. At the bottom of this side of the band, Simba sits smiling.

A person holds a packaged watch featuring designs from Disney's Animal Kingdom and "The Lion King." The watch has a colorful band with character illustrations and a round face with a lion character.

This new Lion King MagicBand+ makes its way to Disney’s Animal Kingdom after it was announced that “Festival of the Lion King” would be introducing MagicBand+ interactions to celebrate the 30th-anniversary of “The Lion King.”

This new MagicBand+ is just the latest way that Disney celebrates the 30th anniversary of the animated film. Fans visiting the parks will also find Rafiki and Timon meet and greetsspecial menu itemsPandora jewelry charms, and merchandise. Additionally, the film will re-release in theaters nationwide on July 12.

What do you think of the new MagicBand+ honoring “The Lion King”?

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