Full List (With Prices) of New Haunted Mansion Merchandise at Disney World

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A collage of new Haunted Mansion merchandise, including a dress, a bottle with a gargoyle, backpacks, Minnie Mouse ears headbands, and a shirt—all featuring designs inspired by Disney World's enchanting theme.

Full List (With Prices) of New Haunted Mansion Merchandise at Disney World

With the debut of the new Haunted Mansion trend collection now available online from the Disney Store, select items have also arrived at Walt Disney World.

We found these items at Magic Kingdom in the Emporium, Main Street Cinema, and Memento Mori.


Hatbox Ghost Loungefly Mini Backpack – $88

A black backpack featuring a sinister ghostly figure in a top hat with glowing eyes and a bat on the side is displayed on a store shelf. Other themed backpacks are seen nearby.

This black Loungefly mini backpack features a sketch-style illustration of the one and only Hatbox Ghost, who serves as the smaller pocket on the front of the bag. The character’s eyes and head glow in the dark, as do the bats that fly around him.

Like other Loungefly bags, a Disney Parks Loungefly enamel plaque is attached, though this time located on the bottom right corner of the front pocket.

Several themed backpacks displayed on shelves in a store. A hand is visible, seemingly picking up a black backpack labeled "Haunted Mansion." Other backpacks feature various designs, including a castle.

The bag’s adjustable straps are also black pleather with white contrast stitching, and the Haunted Mansion wordmark is printed in white on the bottom of the back panel.

A display shelf holding black and white themed backpacks featuring various intricate patterns and designs, including fireworks and a castle image.

The slip pockets on both sides of the bag sport a black and white repeating pattern of bats and the Haunted Mansion initials logo.

A person holds a black backpack with silver zippers in front of a display shelf containing other similar backpacks with various designs.

Two tombstone-esque zipper pulls are attached to the blacktone hardware. A black pleather carry loop with white contrast stitching is connected to the top of the bag.

A hand opens a black rounded zipper bag, revealing crumpled tissue paper inside. In the background, various bags with colorful designs are displayed on shelves.

The interior lining features an all-over pattern of repeating characters and iconography from the classic Disney Parks attraction. You can also find this bag for purchase online from the Disney Store.

Haunted Mansion Ball Cap – $29.99

A person holds a black baseball cap with an ornate "HM" logo. In the background, a store display features various items, including Crocs and souvenirs.

This adult-sized ball cap features an all-over Haunted Mansion wallpaper design in gray flocking set against a black background. A white metal emblem of the “HM” initials logo is on the front.

A person holding a black patterned cap by its adjustable strap inside a store. In the background, there are shelves with various items and a few people shopping.

The back strap is adjustable and includes a metal buckle. That being said, the hat is one size. This hat is also for sale from the Disney Store.

Haunted Mansion Stainless Steel Starbucks Tumbler – $44.99

A hand holding a striped, green and black drink tumbler with a lid and straw. The tumbler is shown inside a store, with shelves and other items visible in the background.

This stainless steel cold beverage tumbler takes inspiration from the pinstriped uniforms worn by the Haunted Mansion ghost hosts. The Starbucks mermaid icon is included in all black on one side.

The Haunted Mansion plaque logo is on the opposite side. The screw-on lid itself is black, and the straw is a coordinating shade of green. It is also available online from the Disney Store.

A hand holds a striped green Starbucks tumbler with a straw inside a well-lit store. Other people and store items are visible in the background.

Main Street Cinema

Haunted Mansion Ear Headband – $34.99

A person holds up a pair of decorative Mickey Mouse ears headband in a store, featuring a black lace pattern, a large bow, and a central cameo design. Shelves displaying various headbands are in the background.

This ear headband continues the black and gray Haunted Mansion wallpaper print motif. The ears themselves are padded and edged in black lace.

A decorative headband with lace, organza bow, and a vintage-style cameo brooch displayed in a store.

The black gauze bow at the center is edged in silver thread. A brooch of the transformed Medusa portrait from the ride sits at the center.

A person holds up a black pen with "The Haunted Mansion" text in a store. Other merchandise is visible in the background.

The wallpaper pattern extends to the headband itself. The inside of the headband is lined in a ghostly blue velour, which matches the embroidered Haunted Mansion logo on the side.

We found this ear headband for sale in Main Street Cinema, but you can also find it online from the Disney Store.

Memento Mori

Haunted Mansion Loungefly Backpack – $78

A collection of black backpacks with "Welcome Foolish Mortals" and various small designs displayed on a rack next to a tie-dye shirt with "Imagination" text.

This larger Loungefly backpack was for sale in Memento Mori, the Haunted Mansion-themed shop in Liberty Square.

A black Disney Parks Loungefly backpack featuring the text "Welcome Foolish Mortals" and various Haunted Mansion-themed designs, including icons of ghosts and a graveyard urn.

The front of the bag has embroidery of various Haunted Mansion characters and icons in shades of blue and white. The Disney Parks Loungefly badge is attached near the carry straps, alongside silvertone diamond grommets.

Two black backpacks hang on a display rack. The foreground backpack has adjustable straps with light-colored loop accents, while the other features various green designs and the text "WELCOME FOOLISH MORTALS.

The back of the backpack is blank, and the adjustable straps match the black color of the bag.

A hand holds open a black fabric bag, revealing a grey and white patterned interior and white crumpled paper inside.

The interior lining of the backpack is the same as the Hatbox Ghost mini backpack above.

Haunted Mansion Spirit Jersey – $84.99

A display of dark tie-dye long-sleeve shirts and Mickey Mouse ear headbands on shelves in a retail store.

A new black and gray tie-dye Spirit Jersey is also part of this new collection celebrating Haunted Mansion.

A sweatshirt featuring "The Haunted Mansion" logo with bats and decorative elements.

A puffy “HM” initial icon, the ride’s logo, and three bats are printed in puffy ink on the chest. Portions of this Spirit Jersey glow in the dark.

A display of "The Haunted Mansion" merchandise, featuring a sweatshirt with haunted house graphics and identical bat-winged headbands. In the background, there is a painting of a woman holding a skull.

The back features a large puffy white ink print of the Haunted Mansion logo across the shoulders, with the three Hitchhiking Ghosts on the lower back torso. You can also find this at the Disney Store.

Women’s Sleep Set – $54.99

A short-sleeved shirt with a black and white scenic print hangs on a display hook in a store, with purple shirts and other items in the background.

A new toile-patterned sleep set for women is available at Memento Mori as well. The all-over pattern is the same as the Dooney & Bourke Haunted Mansion collection that was also released today.

A pair of patterned pajamas on hangers, with designs of various scenes in black on white fabric, displayed in a store. The garments include a button-up shirt and matching pants.

The set includes one short-sleeved button-up sleep shirt and a pair of long sleep pants. It’s also available for sale from the Disney Store.

Weighted Throw Blanket – $84.99

A packaged Haunted Mansion weighted throw blanket with dimensions 50 x 60 inches and weight 12 pounds. The blanket is textured with a dark pattern and secured with a black strap.

Those who find themselves in need of extra comfort after a long day might want to grab this weighted throw blanket.

A weighted throw blanket with Haunted Mansion branding. The blanket measures 50 inches by 60 inches and weighs 11 pounds (5 kg).

The quilted, double-sided throw features an all-over Haunted Mansion wallpaper design on one side. The opposite side of the blanket is solid.

The bound edge and strong stitching keep the 11 pounds of polyester filling inside.

Hand holding a gray fabric with an embroidered insignia in an ornate blue frame, displaying intertwined "H" and "M" letters.

An embroidered “HM” initial logo is included on the bottom right corner of the top side. You can also grab it from the Disney Store.

Lounge Pants – $44.99

Clothing shop display with pants on hangers, shirts folded on shelves, and a person wearing a floral backpack browsing.

There are also lounge pants for adults that match the sleep set shown above.

They feature the same Haunted Mansion toile pattern, and tighten at the waist with a bright teal tie. Like much of this collection, it can also be found at the Disney Store online.

Pin Lanyard – $19.99

A display rack holds multiple black lanyards, each with a graphic design of an eyeball and house. Nearby are packages of keys and various other merchandise.

Haunted Mansion fans and pin collectors alike will enjoy this new pin lanyard, which features the iconic grandfather clock on one side.

A decorative wooden clock with a yellow clock face, mounted on a shop counter. The shop interior is slightly blurred in the background, with displays of iPhone 14 Pro Max accessories to the right.

Here’s a closer look at the clock side of the reversible lanyard.

A close-up of a lanyard with green and black sections, featuring illustrations of drums, drumsticks, and musical notes. The background shows a wooden floor and packaged items on display.

The other side of the lanyard is black with swirls of green and flying instruments from Madame Leota’s seance scene.

Mystery Pin Box – $19.99

A hand holding a box of "Haunted Mansion Mystery Pin Set" from Disney Pins. More boxes are displayed on a shelf in the background.

A new boxed mystery pin set inspired by Haunted Mansion is also available.

A hand holding a box featuring multiple circular character illustrations in a store with other similar boxes and items in the background.

The full set is comprised of eight pins: Hatbox Ghost, Constance Hatchaway, a black cat, a mummy, Madame Leota, the Opera Singer, the Caretaker, and his dog. Each box only contains two randomly selected pins, though.

Youth Glow-in-the-Dark T-Shirt – $26.99

A short-sleeve black and white striped shirt with various printed designs hangs on a wooden rack surrounded by blue boxed items.

A striped youth shirt features portraits of many Haunted Mansion characters, including the Hatbox Ghost, the Bride, Master Gracey, and more.

Black and white fabric featuring a striped pattern with Victorian-style framed portraits and ornate designs.

It’s also available online from the Disney Store.

Youth Dress – $39.99

Black shirt with beige collar featuring a "Haunted Mansion" graphic of a house and bats. Displayed on a hanger in a store, surrounded by other merchandise.

A youth sweatshirt dress features art of the Mansion itself surrounded by an intricate frame. The Hatbox Ghost’s hatted head sits atop the frame. The blue bats and attraction logo are glow in the dark.

A black sweatshirt featuring a detailed illustration of a mansion with ornate design elements and text reading "The Haunted Mansion." There are also two bats and a price tag attached.

Youth Zip-Up Hoodie – $44.99

A black hoodie adorned with small white cat face designs is displayed on a wooden shelf in a store. Boxes of various products are arranged on either side.

Another glow in the dark item in youth sizes is a black hoodie featuring the eerie eyes from the infamous wallpaper. The zipper pull is covered with the Haunted Mansion “HM” logo.

A hand holding the zipper of a black jacket with multiple white eye designs. The zipper pull has a light blue emblem with the letters "HH.

Adult Wallpaper Jacket – $69.99

A purple jacket with a black, intricate pattern is displayed on a hanger in a retail store. Other similar apparel and accessories are visible in the background.

Adults can sport the wallpaper on a new jacket. It has a collar and a full zipper with two front pockets.

A purple jacket with black ornate patterns hangs in a clothing store. Nearby are racks with hats and dresses with similar patterns.

The pattern continues on the back, and the jacket is lined with plain black fabric.

A person holds open a purple jacket adorned with black intricate patterns, revealing its plain black inner lining. Additional garments with similar print hang in the background.

Adult Wallpaper Dress – $69.99

A purple dress with a white collar featuring a pattern of small, white, ghost-like faces hangs on a rack in a store. Nearby, matching backpacks and jackets are displayed.

The purple wallpaper is also available in dress form. The sleeves and collar are white, with the HM emblem embroidered on the left corner of the collar. The eyes on this dress also glow in the dark. A similar dress was released last year, but the design was black with the wallpaper pattern in white. The purple wallpaper is a popular motif with fans, so apparel and accessories with the design have been around in various forms for years.

Close-up of a shirt with a white collar and patterned fabric featuring a design with white, stylized eyes. The collar tag displays the Disney logo and garment care instructions.

Haunted Mansion Adult Sweatshirt – $59.99

A green sweatshirt with black intricate patterns hangs on a rack, alongside matching green pants and black hats, displayed in a clothing store.

A green sweatshirt is available featuring the gargoyle candle holders from the stretching room.

A hand holding a green garment with a black bird and decorative patterns. A framed "Ghost Host" sign is visible in the background.

The raven can also be spotted on the sleeve.

Haunted Mansion Adult Sweatpants – $49.99

Green sweatpants with a decorative black pattern hang on a display rack. To the left, there are folded sweatshirts, and to the right, round bags with a purple and teal design are on shelves.

Matching sweatpants have the gargoyle design down the outside of each pant leg and the “HM” motif embroidered on the left thigh.

Close-up of green sweatpants with a black "HM" monogram on the left side. Multiple tags are attached to the waistband, and a partial view of a patterned design is visible at the bottom of the pants.
A person holding a blue fabric with black ornate patterns and a central face design. The individual is wearing a wristband on their left wrist.

Madame Leota is present on the pant design.

Water Bottle – $34.99

A person holds a black bottle topped with a gargoyle figurine holding what appear to be two candles in a store. Shelves with various items, including similar bottles and ceramic bowls, are in the background.

More gargoyle representation can be found atop a sleek black water bottle.

A person holds a small statue of a grey gargoyle with two upraised candles. The background shows shelves with similar items.
A hand holding a black, patterned bottle inside a store. Shelves with items and people in the background.

The bottle is matte with the wallpaper design in black gloss.

Serving Bowls – $54.99

Several black bowls with swirling patterns are displayed on a shelf. A decorative item resembling a bat is placed in one of the bowls.

A serving set features three bowls around a bat stanchion base.

Person holding a silver dragon-shaped bottle opener in front of a wooden shelf displaying black bowls.
Close-up of a black ceramic bowl with an illustration of a wizard in the center. A price tag showing $54.99 is partially visible hanging from a shelf above. A hand is holding the bowl.

Art of the Hitchhiking Ghosts is at the bottom of the bowls.

A hand holding a black bowl with a silver wavy pattern near the top edge, against a wooden background.

The serpentine door handle design wraps around the outside.

Hurricane Candle Set – $69.99

A display shelf featuring three boxed "Haunted Mansion" hurricane candle sets, each box shows an image of the product, which has a gothic-style transparent shade and bat-shaped topper.

A battery operated Hurricane Candle set also features the bat stanchions on top.

A display case featuring various decorative items including a glowing green lantern, a carved wooden figure, and some vintage bottles. A person is visible in the background outside the case.

It lights up in a various colors, with the wallpaper design on the candle.

A display case holds various artifacts including a glowing blue lantern, vintage books, and a wooden carved face. A person in a blue shirt is partially visible in the background.

Caretaker and Dog Light-Up Living Magic Sketchbook Ornament – $34.99

A hand holding a clear glass ornament depicting a man holding a lantern next to a crouched figure in a dim environment. Other similar ornaments are displayed in the background.

A Living Magic Sketchbook ornament features the Caretaker and his dog in a glass globe. Lights illuminate the caretaker from below.

Alexander Nitrokoff Sketchbook Ornament – $29.99

A hand holding a glass ornament featuring a miniature figure of a man with a mustache, striped pants, and a top hat, standing on a barrel. Other similar ornaments are displayed in the background.

Ornaments featuring the Stretching Room portrait characters are also available.

A hand holds a Haunted Mansion-themed ornament encased in a glass dome. The ornament features a figure standing on a pillar with a bat on top. Multiple similar ornaments are displayed in the background.

Quicksand Men Sketchbook Ornament – $29.99

A hand holds a decorative figurine encapsulated in a small glass dome, featuring two characters from the Haunted Mansion attraction. Numerous similar figurines are displayed in the background.

Constance Hatchaway Sketchbook Ornament – $29.99

A hand holds a glass dome containing a miniature figurine of a man standing on a pedestal. Other similar domes with different figures hang in the background.

Sally Slater Sketchbook Ornament – $29.99

A hand holds a glass dome containing an ornament of a figure dressed in a flowered skirt and wielding a sword on a decorative base. The dome is topped with a red ribbon for hanging.

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