Tour a Tokyo DisneySea Fantasy Springs Hotel Entrance Side Superior Alcove Room

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A hotel room with two queen beds, floral-themed bedding and carpet, ornate headboards, and wall decorations. Text reads "Fantasy Springs Hotel Room Tour" with an illustrated creature among flowers.

Tour a Tokyo DisneySea Fantasy Springs Hotel Entrance Side Superior Alcove Room

With the opening of Fantasy Springs, Tokyo DisneySea added another in-park hotel. According to the story of Fantasy Springs, a Duchess who discovered the land constructed the Tokyo DisneySea Fantasy Springs Hotel as a palace for herself and her friends. The hotel has a dedicated entrance into the new land and is home to Fantasy Springs Gifts.

There are two wings of the hotel. The more expensive Grand Chateau has “luxury” rooms that look over the park. We stayed in the Fantasy Chateau, which is cheaper but still advertised as a deluxe experience. It’s almost impossible to get a reservation at the Fantasy Springs Hotel right now but we managed to snag a Fantasy Chateau entrance side superior alcove room.

Fantasy Chateau Entrance Side Superior Alcove Room Tour

A hallway features a painted picture of Snow White dancing in a forest. Next to it is a white door with an electronic lock and a small sign with a bow and the word "LOVELY" on it.

Fantasy Chateau features flora and fauna motifs. A painting outside our room featured Snow White at a lake with colorful flowers and creatures around her. The doors and walls feature curving Art Nouveau lines.

Door number 8304 with a decorative butterfly design and a flower-shaped peephole on a beige background.

The room number plaques are blue butterflies with gold borders. They’re perched on golden flowers that surround the peephole.

Two hotel door hangers are held in a hand. The green one reads "Please Do Not Disturb" and the pink one reads "Please Make Up Room," both with English and Japanese text.

Guests get two door hangers. One is blue and reads, “Please Do Not Disturb.” The other is pink and reads, “Please Make Up Room.” Both have gold lettering and insect patterns.


Hotel room corridor with a colorful, plant-themed carpet leading to a sitting area, desk, and bed. A bathroom is visible on the right, and a painted door with an arched design is on the left.

We found this entryway to be considerably wider than those at other Tokyo Disney Resort hotels. We’ve had trouble getting bags through in the past, but that’s not a problem at the Fantasy Springs Hotel.

The room’s carpet is designed to look like vines, with pink flowers curling across the floor.

A hallway corner featuring a white door with a RFID lock system and a blue, decorative wardrobe with painted sea motifs and reflected in a wall mirror. The carpet is green with abstract designs.

In the entryway is a beautiful blue wood wardrobe. On the left side is a mirror with a gold frame. A similar gold frame is on the doors on the right side, around two curved handles.

The wardrobe features paintings ostensibly done by Rapunzel. She’s painted natural elements like leaves and stylish fashions.

A decorated door panel featuring a painted figure of a person with long flowing hair sitting on a branch, holding a book, with the hair extending downwards in a whimsical design.

There are images of her at various ages with different long lengths of hair.

A painted cabinet with intricate designs of orange and yellow dresses, leaves, flowers, and a pair of scissors against a blue background. The cabinet handles are bronze-colored. The floor has a green and pink pattern.
Open closet with a pillow on the top shelf, several empty wooden hangers on a rail, and four pairs of neatly arranged slippers on the floor.

The closet is a good size with a shelf and plenty of nice wood hangars. It has an automatic light. This is where you’ll find a spare pillow, shoehorn, and brush.

Five pairs of white slippers and one pair with a floral pattern are lined up on a green and brown carpet.

This is also where the complimentary slippers are stored. The youth slippers have a green, orange, and purple Fantasy Springs pattern. Unfortunately, the adult slippers don’t feature a Fantasy Springs design. They have a purple image of Mickey in a top hat. The same image is on the slippers of other Tokyo Disney Resort hotels, just in a different color.

A vanity area with an ornate mirror, white countertop, and cushioned stool in a room with floral carpet and light pink walls. A TV and hallway are visible in the background.

Next to the wardrobe is a vanity with a deep marble counter.

Ornate wooden-framed heart-shaped mirror mounted on a wall next to a countertop with a small sink and a tray holding a teapot.

There’s a beautiful wooden mirror with carved flowers.

A blue stool slides under the counter. There’s a trash can here, too.

Wall with a light switch, two electrical outlets, and a network port above a countertop. The wall has a floral patterned wallpaper.

On the left side are a two-prong outlet, USB outlet, and LAN outlet.

A small countertop with a mirrored vanity, containing a tray holding a kettle and milk jug. Below is a cabinet with two drawers, and nearby is a trash bin on a floral-patterned carpet.

Attached to the vanity is a cabinet with a slightly taller countertop. Like much of the architecture, the cabinet features Art Nouveau-style curves. It has bronze handles on the door and drawer.

A small refrigerator with an open door containing two bottles of water on the inside door shelf.

Behind the door is a mini-fridge. You get bottles of water.

A hand is opening a drawer containing four white cups, four glass tumblers, four white saucers, tea packets, coffee pods, and a set of condiments. The drawer is lined with a purple organizer.

The drawer houses glasses, teacups, and saucers. The tea set is not branded, which we found weird because they sell a Fantasy Springs tea set.

A silver ice bucket with tongs and a white electric kettle are placed on a gold tray on a marble countertop.

Sitting on a silver tray is a tea kettle and an ice bucket.

A wall with a power outlet and a dimmer switch, set against a floral patterned wallpaper, and a marble or stone countertop is at the bottom.

There’s another two-prong outlet on this side of the wall and a dimmer.

Main Space

A hotel room features two double beds with floral headboards and bed runners, a wall-mounted TV, a seating area with two green chairs, and a window with curtains. The room has floral-patterned carpet.

The Art Nouveau style makes us feel like we’re sleeping in the atrium of the Disney Fantasy cruise ship. There’s a light pink flower-patterned wallpaper.

A bed with white linens and a teal runner featuring a pink and purple floral design lies on a green and beige patterned carpet in a room.

The bed runners are blue with a similar pattern to the carpet: green vines with pink and purple flowers.

A headboard with intricate wood carvings featuring a floral arrangement design above a neatly made bed with white pillows.

The headboards have a plush section with a large, curved wooden frame. A bundle of pink flowers and green leaves is carved into part of the headboard.

A carved, colorful chameleon decorates a wooden surface, resting on a bed of pink and green flowers with intricate details.

Pascal is hiding among the flowers on one of the headboards.

Ornate decorative mirror with floral motifs reflects a wall-mounted light fixture, part of a carved headboard, and white pillows against a wallpaper with floral designs.

Another pretty mirror hangs on the wall to the side of the beds. We don’t understand the purpose of this mirror since it’s not very practical to use. It’s presumably supposed to make the room feel bigger, but it’s kind of small for that, and we would prefer a piece of art here.

A wall-mounted digital thermostat displaying 68°F in Auto mode, featuring buttons for Celsius/Fahrenheit, temperature adjustment, and fan control, set against a floral-patterned wallpaper background.

The thermostat is next to this mirror.

A nightstand situated between two twin beds holds a telephone, calculator, notebook, brochures, and a small table lamp.

The end table between the beds has a marble top and a curved wooden alcove. The drawer’s handle is shaped like a feather. The drawer houses a flashlight in case of earthquakes and complimentary postcards featuring various Fantasy Springs Hotel art.

A bedside table with a phone, a notepad and pen, a digital clock showing 7:24, and various papers including a document dated January 1, 2024.

The phone is decorated with the hotel wordmark and white filigree. The notepad’s cover is also debossed with the logo.

A hand holds up a menu in English and Japanese from a desk organizer on a nightstand. Nearby are a note pad, pen, clock, and telephone.

It has custom stationery inside with the hotel logo in purple at the top. The pen is not branded.

A bedside table with a digital clock displaying 7:24 PM, a hotel phone, and a card with hotel information.

This is a modern hotel where they spared no expense but of course, the alarm clock still looks like it’s from 1987.

Telecommunications setup on a desk includes a black telephone, an alarm clock displaying 7:24, and a wall panel with various electrical outlets and a USB port.

The end table has a high wooden back with built-in USB and two-prong outlets on each side.

Image of a Fantasy Springs Hotel reservation confirmation, proof of stay document, and hotel room key card placed on a marble surface.

The key cards are white with the hotel’s wordmark in purple. They come in a card-sized folder featuring artwork of the hotel with Mickey and Minnie. Hotel guests also get a proof of stay pass they need to show to enter the hotel, as Tokyo Disney Resort is not currently allowing other guests to visit.

A hotel room with two beds featuring floral designs, an extra pull-out bed, ornate headboards, and mirrors, green-patterned carpet, and a green armchair.

A trundle bed rolls out from under the bed nearest the window. It has the same mattress as the regular beds.

The hotel does provide instructions for the trundle.

A bedroom corner with a bed featuring white linens, a green chair, and a wall mural depicting purple flowers and green vines. A deer silhouette is visible near the bottom of the mural.

Vines with purple and pink flowers are also on the wall close to the window. More flowers appear to be floating through the air over the beds. The silhouettes of Bambi, Thumper, and Flower are at the bottom of the wall.

A hotel room features two twin beds, a wall-mounted TV, a floral-patterned carpet, green chairs, and a small table. A decorative alcove with ornate designs and additional seating is present in the background.

What puts the “alcove” in “superior alcove room” is the space across from the beds.

A cozy alcove bed with purple bedding and decorative pillows is illuminated by soft yellow lighting. The wall behind features a colorful mural with a sun and floral patterns.

This alcove has white wood molding with an accent on the left. It has a built-in bed that’s pretty wide.

A whimsical mural featuring a bright yellow sun, various animals, and plants on a pastel background. The art includes owls, butterflies, and flowers intertwined with swirling yellow and pink patterns.

Above the bed is a gorgeous Rapunzel-inspired decal. Her yellow hair wraps around a Corona sun. There are more natural elements and animals.

The bed can also of course be used as a couch. It has a plum-colored cover, two red velvet square pillows, and two gray and purple bolster pillows.

Open drawer under a bed containing a neatly folded beige blanket on a colorful floral-patterned carpet.

There are two storage drawers underneath the alcove bed. Extra bedding is in these drawers.

A TV displaying a welcome screen is mounted above a wooden dresser with drawers partially open. A remote control is placed on top of the dresser. A colorful patterned carpet is visible on the floor.

The TV is in another beautiful wacky Art Nouveau frame. The wifi name and password are displayed on-screen. The TV also provides access to service requests, hotel information, restaurant guides, and billing details/checkout.

A Panasonic remote control with various buttons, including those for Netflix, Prime Video, Disney+, hulu, Abema, and U-NEXT, lies on a wooden surface.

This is a newer Panasonic TV with streaming services available.

A wooden cabinet with a partially open drawer, two golden handles, and a remote control on top. The carpet below has a pink and green floral pattern.

The dresser has three shallow but wide drawers with curved bronze handles.

An open drawer showing a digital safe inside, placed in a wooden cabinet against a floral-patterned carpeted floor.

The safe is housed in the large drawer on the left.

A drawer containing five neatly folded beige garments with green piping, each featuring a small embroidered design on the chest. The drawer is part of a wooden dresser with brass handles.

Tokyo Disney Resort provided pajamas for guests to wear but not keep (but you can keep the slippers). These feature butterflies.

A wall-mounted light fixture with three frosted glass shades resembling flowers, illuminating a room with light-colored wallpaper.

The room’s light fixtures resemble flowers. They have frosted white glass on golden metal supports.

Two green upholstered chairs face a small round table with two folded purple napkins, placed on a colorful floral-patterned carpet next to a window.

Two comfy green chairs sit in front of the window. A flower-shaped table is between them. On the table are reusable bags.

Our window overlooked the hotel’s entrance, where there are two sets of rockwork and water features similar to those in the park. We had a good view of the “Mickey and the Beanstalk” rocks. We could also see Bayside Station and the Monorail.

Hotel room with two double beds, floral bed runners, decorative wall art, a wall-mounted TV, a lounge alcove with a cushion, and a floral carpet. The room has pastel-colored walls and ceiling.

There’s a lilac purple ceiling with white molding. The room is modern and clean but still colorful — unlike Walt Disney World Resort hotel rooms. It proves it’s possible to have a themed room that’s not gaudy.


A bathroom with a granite countertop, illuminated mirror, sink, toiletries, towel rack, toilet, waste bin, and mirror on the door.

The bathroom is located off the entryway, across from the wardrobe. There’s a sliding door that does not lock leading into the vanity space.

A person takes a mirror selfie in a bathroom decorated with floral designs on the mirror. They are holding a phone and wearing a colorful shirt.

A large round mirror features glowing floral motifs.

A cartoon ant etched on a window, with antennae, a cheerful expression, and a dotted line trailing behind it in an arch.

Ray from “The Princess and the Frog is at the top of the mirror design.

A glass shelf displays several purple plastic cups with cartoon characters, wrapped in plastic, and below, various themed packaged items arranged neatly on a marble surface.

There are various branded amenities you get to take home. There’s a purple plastic cup featuring Mickey and Minnie in their Fantasy Springs Hotel outfits. They’re also pictured on the “amenity kit,” which includes Q-tips. Mickey and the hotel are on the toothbrush kit.

A hand holding a packaged purple cup with bilingual text that reads, "Please be careful with it! Take me home with you!" on the cup. The background contains a sink area with other items blurred.

The cup also features the hotel’s wordmark in gold. The packaging says, “Take me home with you!”

An open drawer contains a white hairdryer and two pink-themed packaged toothbrush sets placed side by side.

More amenities are in a drawer with the hairdryer. This is where we found the hairbrush and youth toothbrush kit.

A bathroom sink with a countertop, hand soap dispenser, tissues, stacked towels, a small stool, and trash bin underneath arranged neatly.

The underside of the vanity features more curving lines, and the drawer is oddly shaped to blend in. There is a step stool and a rolling cart.

Two white towels hang from a chrome towel rack next to a bathroom sink. Two upside-down glasses and a box of tissues are on the marble countertop beneath a round mirror.

The towels are branded with the “FS” logo.

A white door with an etched glass panel depicting a lounging Tiana from "The Princess and the Frog." The door is next to a bathroom sink and holds two white towels on a hook.

Louis from “The Princess and the Frog” is on the window of the shower door.

A glass door has an etched design of a smiling, reclining creature surrounded by nature. Reflected in the glass, a person is taking a photo.

A tree hangs over him and fireflies float around him. The same art is on the other side of the window.

A small bathroom with a bathtub, handheld shower, wall-mounted toiletries, and a stool. The wall above the tub features floral art, and the floor has a patterned tile design.

As is standard in Japan, the shower is a room. The tub is against one wall while the rest of the space is the shower. It has a green tiled floor.

A shower setup with a metal wire shelf mounted on the wall. Nearby, three pump bottles labeled body soap, shampoo, and conditioner are secured in a shiny metal dispenser.

Body soap, conditioner, and shampoo bottles are mounted on the wall. There’s a soap dish although they don’t offer bars of soap.

A bathroom featuring a wall-mounted showerhead, dispenser with three bottles, a small white stool, a basket shelf, and a bathtub with water controls. The floor is covered with small hexagonal tiles.

Next to the shower products are the controls and the detachable showerhead. There’s another stool and a bowl for washing your hair.

A tiled shower wall with a mounted handheld showerhead, a soap dispenser with three bottles, and two control knobs.

Another hook for the showerhead is higher up on the wall.

A white bathtub with grab bars, a green vine wall decal, and hexagonal patterned floor tiles in a bathroom.

Another soap dish is over the tub. It’s a good-sized tub, with bars for anyone who needs help getting in and out.

A bathroom wall features a large decorative panel with green vine and purple flower designs. A metal shelf with folded white towels is mounted above the panel.

A floral applique with a dragonfly is above the tub.

A towel rack holding four white towels, two folded on top and two hanging, is mounted on a tiled wall. The wall features a green vine design on the left side.

There are more Fantasy Springs towels on a rack. There’s also a clothesline to pull across the room for drying swimsuits and other clothing.

Tokyo Disney Resort asks that you reuse towels. If you want them washed, place them in the tub when you leave the room.

A view of a bathroom showing a countertop with a sink on the left, a towel rack above it, and an open door leading to a toilet area with two toilet paper rolls on the wall.

Last is the toilet. It’s behind a locking door on the other side of the bathroom. The blue-green tile continues into this room.

A small bathroom features a modern toilet, two toilet paper rolls, and a marble countertop with a sink partially visible on the left. Walls are light gray, and the floor has a light blue patterned tile.

The wallpaper here is purple and textured. There is no art, but at least there’s color. It’s a Japanese toilet with a built-in bidet. It is a different model from the other hotels.

A horizontal control panel with various buttons and icons mounted on a light-colored wall, featuring functions such as water pressure, nozzle position, and cleaning modes.

Controls are on the wall above the toilet paper.

We really love this room. It will especially appeal to fans of “Tangled” or Art Nouveau. It’s on the same level of quality as Hotel MiraCosta and Tokyo Disneyland Hotel.

Watch Tom’s video tour of this Fantasy Springs Hotel room:

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