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A magical nighttime scene showcases a dazzling blend of fireworks and a drone light display, spelling out "Fantasy Springs" in the sky above an enchanting landscape illuminated with trees and rocks.

VIDEO: One-Night-Only Show ‘The Fantasy Begins’ Performed Ahead of Fantasy Springs Grand Opening

Phil Wood

A one-night-only show, “The Fantasy Begins,” was performed to celebrate the grand opening of Fantasy Springs in Tokyo DisneySea. Fantasy ...

A daily recap collage featuring food items, a hotel room, the hotel's exterior at dusk, and the entrance gate to Walt Disney World.

Tiana’s Bayou Adventure Food and Beverage Coming to Walt Disney World & More: Daily Recap (6/4/24)

Brit Tuttle

A limited-time menu celebrating Tiana’s Bayou Adventure at Walt Disney World, a first look inside the new DVC tower at ...

A man wearing glasses and a hat with bear ears stands on the left. Text overlay reads "Tom's Honest Review of Fantasy Springs at Tokyo DisneySea" next to a logo for "Fantasy Springs." A background of trees and rocks behind him.

REVIEW: Fantasy Springs Brings 4 New Rides to the Best Disney Theme Park on Earth, But Nothing Groundbreaking

Shannen Ace

WDWNT’s Tom Corless visited Fantasy Springs during May previews and now brings his honest review of the new Tokyo DisneySea ...

View from inside a dark, wooden attic-style corridor adorned with greenery and lights, leading to a mystical blue-lit area with circular patterns.

Anna and Elsa’s Frozen Journey Ride Vehicles Flooding at Fantasy Springs

Shannen Ace

The boats of Anna and Elsa’s Frozen Journey in Fantasy Springs at Tokyo DisneySea are reportedly flooding when loaded with ...

A water tower labeled "Tiana's Foods," a hand holding a Peter Pan-themed popcorn bucket, an entrance archway labeled "Rock 'n' Roller Coaster," and a perfect daily recap of magical moments.

First Look Inside Tiana’s Bayou Adventure & More: Daily Recap (5/28/24)

Eric Morton

An Imagineering YouTube series will give viewers glimpses inside Tiana’s Bayou Adventure, a stunning new Peter Pan popcorn bucket makes ...

Composite image showing from Fantasy Springs Entrance three frames on a wall with themed posters, the façade of a themed building, a wall plaque with an ornate "T" emblem, and an entrance gate with "Tokyo DisneySea" signage.

PHOTOS: Walk Through the Tokyo DisneySea Fantasy Springs Hotel Guest-Exclusive Fantasy Springs Entrance

Toni Ferrigno

We took a walk through the Fantasy Springs Entrance available exclusively to guests staying at Tokyo DisneySea Fantasy Springs Hotel. ...

A hand holds a decorative blue box with Peter Pan's scenes. A Tinker Bell figurine is perched on top. In the background, a pirate ship and rocky terrain can be seen.

New Peter Pan Popcorn Bucket at Fantasy Springs in Tokyo DisneySea

Toni Ferrigno

A new Peter Pan popcorn bucket is now available at Tokyo DisneySea, ahead of the grand opening of Fantasy Springs. ...

Daily recap: A collage of four images: actors in stormtrooper costumes with a director, a boat ride attraction, a poster for Fantasy Springs, and a stage performance with Aladdin and Genie.

George Lucas Doesn’t Want Theatrical ‘Star Wars’ Films Re-Released & More: Daily Recap (5/27/24)

Brit Tuttle

George Lucas speaks on the possibility of a re-release of the theatrical versions of the “Star Wars” original trilogy, a ...

Guests in gondola-like boat on a river passing Rapunzel's tower scene of Rapunzel's Lantern Festival at Fantasy Springs

Guide to Experiencing Fantasy Springs With Standby Pass or Disney Premier Access

Shannen Ace

The Tokyo Disney Resort app now includes a guide for how guests will be able to enter and enjoy Fantasy ...

Fantasy Springs graphic with the text “The Fantasy Begins” over a nighttime, star-filled sky, and silhouettes of fantasy-themed buildings. Tokyo DisneySea logo at the bottom.

Tokyo DisneySea Hosting Fantasy Springs Livestream Event With Drone Show

Shannen Ace

Tokyo DisneySea will host a livestream event with a drone show on Wednesday, June 5, in honor of the opening ...

Image featuring a promotional banner for the full guide to Fantasy Springs at Tokyo DisneySea, displaying a dessert dish, theme park scenes, and Tinker Bell with vibrant backgrounds.

Full Guide to Fantasy Springs at Tokyo DisneySea

Shannen Ace

Fantasy Springs is the eighth “port” at Tokyo DisneySea and the park’s largest expansion since it opened in 2001. Officially ...

A man wearing glasses smiles in front of a rocky scene and a tower. Text reads "Fantasy Springs Full Tour with Tom" as he introduces the magical journey.

VIDEO: Full Tour of Fantasy Springs at Tokyo DisneySea

Toni Ferrigno

We’re walking you through a full tour of Fantasy Springs, the brand-new port opening at Tokyo DisneySea. Fantasy Springs Officially ...

A daily recap collage includes four intriguing images: a statue of a man and a mouse, two bear characters in western attire, a cup of popcorn with a clown face, and a line of stormtroopers in a futuristic setting.

Disability Access Service Changes Now in Effect for Walt Disney World & More: Daily Recap (5/20/24)

Katie Francis

The new Disability Access Service system is now in effect at Walt Disney World and requires guests to agree not ...

Two images of a honeycomb-themed attraction with dripping golden honey and cartoon bees at Fantasy Springs in Tokyo DisneySea. The left image shows it in daylight, while the right image is illuminated at night, creating a magical scene reminiscent of Fairy Tinker Bell's world.

Full Daytime AND Nighttime Videos of Fairy Tinker Bell’s Busy Buggies in Fantasy Springs at Tokyo DisneySea

Katie Francis

Fairy Tinker Bell’s Busy Buggies is a brand new attraction at Tokyo DisneySea, and we were able to capture full ...

Children watching a 3d movie with animated characters flying in a moonlit sky, as seen from inside a theater.

VIDEO: Full Ride Through of Peter Pan’s Never Land Adventure in Fantasy Springs at Tokyo DisneySea

Katie Francis

Fantasy Springs has soft opened at Tokyo DisneySea and we were able to get a full ride video of Peter ...

A collage of four images featuring a "Magic United" sign, a tray of food, a person holding popcorn, and people walking through narrow theme park passageways serves as our daily recap.

Disneyland Performers Officially Vote and Unionize With Actors’ Equity & More: Daily Recap (5/19/24)

Katie Francis

Disneyland character and parade performers have officially unionized with Actors’ Equity, we reviewed all the food at the new Fantasy ...