PHOTOS: Disney World Adding Calorie Counts to Counter Service Menu Boards

A few select counter service menus at Walt Disney World are now showing guests the amount of calories they will find in each dish…


The concept is being tested at a few counter service locations around property, so far spotted at Columbia Harbour House at the Magic Kingdom and Backlot Express at Hollywood Studios.


Menus handed out to guests are also featuring this information.


Will this change the way guests eat at Walt Disney World? Will Disney rollthis out to more locations? Only time will tell.

12 thoughts on “PHOTOS: Disney World Adding Calorie Counts to Counter Service Menu Boards”

  1. Having calorie counts on menus at Disney will Not change how my family eats there. On our last visit we tracked over 12 miles walking MK alone, ate as we pleased, and returned home after a week of parking with me having lost 3 pounds! Quite frankly, there should be a Disney World Resort diet sensation!

    • I must not be going on the days you do. Usually i’m stunned how overweight the Disney crowd is. Usually never the groups traveling from Brazil. Always the Americans. The number of people in electric scooters for simply being morbidly obese is embarrassing. I love the idea of the calorie listings.

      • Agreed. It bums me out to see so many unhealthy folks at Disney. I always wind up wondering what foreign travelers think of Americans after they visit Disney :(

        • Hard to generalize an entire society, but American’s are the most overweight, and usually least well dressed ones in the parks.

          • I understand the overweight part because well, that is hard to miss. But I didn’t realize that it was a fashion show at the theme parks…..

    • I pay no attention to calories when at WDW, but most of the time in regular life I’m very conscious of eating healthy, so I feel justified in my vacation indulgence.
      However, there’s a ton of Disney vacationers who really need to pay attention to their diet (on vacation and off), but they won’t.
      I’ll never forget the first time I took my Wife to Disney World for the 1st time. Having rarely been out of California most her life, her jaw was pretty much hanging open the entire 8 days as she couldn’t believe the amazing number of obese people wandering around. Kinda sad.

  2. Will additional nutritional information be available upon request at the restaurants? Assuming they had to have the protein, fat and carbohydrate values in order to calculate the calories. Thanks!

  3. I absolutely love this idea and hope that disney expands it to more locations in all the parks! I eat so incredibly healthy in my household and then have a tendency to throw everything out the window when I’m at Disney. By the end of my trip, I feel gross and it starts to interfere with my trip. I’d love to have a “guiding light” of nutrition facts at the quick service restaurants :)

  4. I am always astounded by how many obese people there are in USA and most of them seem to go to WDW for their holidays, and definitely to the buffet meals. It is obscene how much food goes onto some people’s tables, but what is even more obscene? How much food is wasted!

  5. Look people I understand that you want to be healthy and it’s great that you’re putting calorie counts on meals but really you’re going on vacation have some fun you only live on this planet once and of course you want to live alone just by eating healthy when your home and working out but come on then again you’re on vacation have fun and use your brain a little bit and you’ll be just fine and stop looking and wondering about what other people are doing and wonder about your own family

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