Princess and Prince Character Breakfast Coming to Trattoria Al Forno

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Trattoria Al Forno at Disney’s Boardwalk will begin a character breakfast service this Spring.

“A delicious breakfast awaits you at Trattoria al Forno, as you get ready to set out for a day of endless magic at Walt Disney World Resort. It’s a hearty “bon voyage” celebration, featuring popular characters from favorite Disney stories like “Tangled” or “The Little Mermaid.” During your visit, be sure to share the tales of your own hopes and dreams, the adventures you’ve had… and those still to come with our favorite princess or prince!”

No start date, exact character list, or pricing is available as of yet. Stay tuned for more details as they become available.

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  • This is just another shameless money grab!! How dare Disney expand dining hours at a restaurant?? This completely optional experience is just absurd!! Walt must be rollin’ in his grave!!!

  • I suppose the implication is that these are the two most Mediterranean princesses? I think Pinnochio’d fit here too, especially because they’re touting his Diamond Edition Blu-Ray.

    • I believe the implication in these situations are usually that guests have requested more opportunities. I believe it has less to do with the theme of the restaurant and more to do with using popular characters to increase traffic into a particular restaurant.

      • As with all decisions, its 100% about Disney making $$$$$$$$$. There are no other factors that come into play. CERTAINLY nothing to do with guests enjoyment or preference. It’s how can they part guests from more money, more often, in every inch of their real estate, with having to do the least for it.

        • But character preference is the one thing will take into account for guests because it’s pure money. They’re not going to pick a couple random characters that nobody cares about and plop them in a restaurant, otherwise they’d just pick random characters that are sitting in the character zoo unused. So until there’s a new character breakfast featuring the bears from Brother Bear, Chicken Little, and the giant hamster from the Goosebumps show, I’m pretty sure they’re doing based on guest demand.

          • Disney does not operate on ‘guest demand’, they operate on ‘how many dollars spent per minute per square foot’. This location has been a ghost town since built. Was Spoodles, then Kouzzina, and now this italian thing. Never did well as any of them. Character dining places always do well. No matter WHO the character is. Worth a shot for Disney to try and make a buck. Hopefully the food doesn’t take a dive, as it has at every other restaurant they have when characters come, as they have to make it served in groups to accommodate the characters. Banquet style dining isn’t as tasty.

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