CONFIRMED: All RunDisney Races for 2018 and Beyond Cancelled for the Disneyland Resort

As we speculated over the weekend, Disney has now officially stated that all RunDisney race events in 2018 and beyond at the Disneyland Resort have been cancelled.

rumor rundisney cancels all future race events half marathons at the disneyland resort

A Disney spokesperson cited the multitude of construction projects we presented on Sunday as the reason, despite much speculation from outsiders as to the contrary.

“While construction for the next several years will impact our ability to deliver the runDisney experience our guests love, we are excited about our future as the Disneyland Resort continues one of its largest multi-year expansions. For fans who love to be part of runDisney events, we will continue to offer races at our other properties around the world in 2018.” – George Savvas, Disneyland spokesman.

While we stated it would be more than 2-3 years before a race returns to Anaheim, Disney is unwilling to mark a possible return date for any of these events at this time.

The Disneyland Resort will host its last runDisney event November 9th through 12th, 2017 (the Super Heroes Half Marathon weekend).

11 thoughts on “CONFIRMED: All RunDisney Races for 2018 and Beyond Cancelled for the Disneyland Resort”

    • On one trip a cast member asked my family to watch out for runners as we entered Animal Kingdom to tour the park. I told him that it is the runners that should look out for us (he agreed). And by the way, if we’re going to have marathons through Disney parks while they are operating, why not also ping pong tournaments, and football games? We could run every sport in the world on Main Street USA!

  1. This will be a day long remembered. It has seen the end of run Disney on the west coast; it will soon see the end of the Anaheim city Council rebels. They will learn the true power of the Disney dark side. The whole city will be the new parking lot and entrance to Star Wars land ha ha

  2. its too bad that virtual races couldn’t have been offered in the place of races at the park.
    It’s such a $$ maker for disney and the other vendors (new balance, Dooney, etc…). It’s not like Disney to turn away money.
    I’m glad I got my coast to coast medal in 2017! in 2020 I’ll be too old to run.

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