Hostess with the Mostess – Top 5 Great Movie Ride Favorites Results

This will always be one of my favorite countdowns! As we read more and more about Mickey’s Runaway Railway, it’s hard not to get excited for what’s to come. But even with all the excitement, The Great Movie Ride will never be forgotten and will always be missed.

If you did not get to read my Great Movie Ride Favorites, check it out now to see how I ranked them! I loved reading your comments and seeing how you all voted so let’s check out your results!

5. Imagineering Secrets

You chose Imagineering Secrets for your number 5! I have to say I was shocked! This was my favorite thing about the ride, all of the secrets were so cool! But the readers have spoken, so it gets cut from the number one spot. One of my favorite secrets were the Hidden Mickeys. I felt they were cleverly hidden in this attraction. Did you have a favorite?

4. Queue Line

That makes the Queue Line number 4. I still would like to watch the entire TCM Presentation somehow. I kind of remember freaking out one time because there was a Ginger Rogers dress on display years ago and she is my favorite actress! However, I tried to find a list of props to verify this and failed miserably. So I am not entirely sure if the dress was really there or if I am imagining things. If I imagined it all, I would have to say two of my favorite movie props were Mary Poppin’s Carousel Horse and Indiana Jone’s Ark of the Covenant. What was your favorite prop?

3. Movie Guide and Actors

Sooo … who turned out to be the favorite? #TeamGangster or #TeamCowboy? Drum roll please ….. #TeamGangster won the vote!! Even though my heart belongs to the Cowboy, I can see why the Gangster is a favorite. Being hijacked by Mugsy was always a lot of fun.

2. Ending Movie Montage

I see some of you shared my love for the old montage. Mike H. said, “Definitely agree with you about the Movie Montage at the end. I loved the old montage! Much better than the new one… you really felt an emotional connection to it. Very well done …” I wonder how many movies were in the old montage vs the new? Does anyone know?

1. Animatronics

Animatronics won by one vote! You all are very good at keeping the poll numbers close. These Animatronics were what the ride was all about. Each scene really immersed you into the movie and took you on a new adventure! Doug commented, “…Every scene in GMR was completely different, highly detailed, and fascinating. And it stayed interesting throughout the lengthy ride.”


That’s a wrap for the results. THANK YOU all for commenting and voting!! Keep it up, I love hearing from you. I already shared this link on my countdown, but I feel the need to share it again! If you haven’t seen the walkthrough video yet, you need to check it out! It is a fantastic way to revisit The Great Movie Ride when you want to reminisce.


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3 years ago

#TeamGangster and the ending montage always made me tear up for some reason lol but I miss the Great Movie Ride so much and though I look forward to MRR, its still hard knowing we had to say goodbye!!