CD included with Disney Parks Presents: Haunted Mansion

REVIEW: Disney Parks Presents Book Series

Every so often, Disney Parks throws the classic fans a bone and releases items that can bring nostalgia back into your life and you’re able to relive some of your Disney Parks memories. Within the last two years, Disney Parks has released a book series entitled Disney Parks Presents and with it, three books depicting three of the most beloved rides throughout Disney’s history. Through these books, you get the songs of the rides on each page, with a scene from the ride itself. Each have very whimsical illustrations, staying true to the rides themselves.

Disney Parks Presents: It’s a Small World
Disney Parks Presents: Pirates of the Caribbean
Disney Parks Presents: The Haunted Mansion

If you’re like me, The Haunted Mansion is one of your favorite rides in the park. It’s long and slow moving, but you never get bored and you’re disappointed when it’s time to get off your doom buggy. The book, entitled the same, is just alike. It takes you through 14 scenes straight out of the ride, with the lyrics to the famous song sprawled out on each page. You can’t just read this book. You sing this book. One of the best parts of this book (and it’s an addition to all three) is that it comes with a CD inside the book that includes the song to the ride. We started reading this book to our kids every night and by the time we visited the park again, they were singing along during the entire ride. This book, specifically, really puts you right there with the ghostly haunts. The book ends with a curious “The End?” as three hitchhiking ghosts are pictured. Like the ride, it leaves you wanting more.

CD with Disney Parks Presents: Haunted Mansion (courtesy of pixie dust and planes)

In this series, I expected It’s a Small World to be the cutest of the three; but it wasn’t. Pirates of the Caribbean took that title. Unlike the ride, these pirates are small and chubby and the skeletons are always smiling. Most likely catering to the younger generations who would be reading these books, but it’s still a nice addition to this original ride. And guess what?! Classic fans will be happy to know that our favorite redhead in her original scene is included in the book. While this one isn’t as fun to sing along to while reading, the CD is still nice to have and listen to when you’re missing your favorite pirates.

It’s a Small World was the last one released, and it’s as brightly colored as the actual ride. Unlike the ride, the song is only ran through once in the book, so it’s unlikely to get stuck in your head, unless you play the accompanied CD. Surprisingly, this book has the least amount of detail. I feel like with this one, they could have included a few more of the well-known scenes. The illustrators were different in all three books, so there’s no comparison as to why they took a different route with this one.

Page from Disney Parks Presents: It’s a Small World

Together, they’re a great series to have for Disney Parks fans. They’re all beautifully illustrated, so they’re great to have on display. Being that compact discs are on their way out, a code to download the song would have been more preferred, but I’ll take something over nothing. All in all, I’m glad I bought these to display and share with my kids for years to come.

Be looking out for Jungle Cruise, releasing on July 3rd, 2018 and now available for preorder!

Disney Parks Presents: Jungle Cruise


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