Guest Relations Testing Remote Location at Transportation & Ticket Center

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For a limited time, Guest Relations services will be available to guests at the Transportation & Ticket Center. For the sake of convenience and to be easily visible, Guest Relations uses window 3 in the central area of the Vacation Planning booths. The window will be open daily from 8am-1pm, better assisting guests with actual Guest Relations questions than waiting at the main entrance of the park which often backs up in the morning with ticket purchases.

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  • There was a time when EVERY Cast Member was a Guest Relations person ready to answer questions and knowledgeable about aspects of the parks. Just seeking a Disney NAME TAG was enough to see a place for information, and Guests could spot a name tag a mile away.

    • I don’t think the Cast Members were ever as all-knowing as Randy seems to want to remember.
      But sometimes nostalgia & the passage of time tweaks our memories towards the more idealistic.

      • Well Jeff, In the beginning, it was very hard to become a Cast Member at Walt Disney World. The selection process was very particular, and even if you were hired, you were “cast” into a roll depending upon your abilities. Some Cast Members were “not up to the on-stage standards” and were placed in rolls back stage or after the Park was closed. Disney is STILL very selective, however, nothing like it once was. The reason is simple… with the massive growth came the strain on the work force, and getting the top of the top, was no longer possible to fill all the jobs. The Orlando area also grew, and so did other area job options. Less then 10 years ago, the Cast Member quality had hit extreme lows, and I would walk the areas in shock seeing and hearing what was now the standard. Disney expanded the College Program and went into the J-1 Visa programs in effort to improve the Cast Member Quality…. Still, things are strained, and it shows. Two years ago, I had to file an incident report involving a few Cast Members and a Security Host on Main Street… When I met with the Security Manager to discuss the issues, I was informed that “English was a second language” for the Security Host. My face went blank, and I replied, “think about that statement… have things fallen to such a low standard that a Security Host on Main Street USA cannot properly communicate with Guests because English is his second language…?” Throughout the Parks, LIVE Announcements were being made bu Cast Members who could not speak proper English… I personally stood listing to some Attraction Announcements which I could not understand 1 word of, and I looked at the faces of the Guests as they payed no attention to what was said because they too could not understand one word. The result was many announcements being switched to tape where possible. The Steam Train is an example: Conductors once gave a Spiel Announcement on a tour completely around the Magic Kingdom… The trip was 12 minutes… Now the trip is 20 minutes with an added stop at Fantasyland and far slower load and unload times at the stations… With the exception on the safety announcements at the start and stop of each trip, and a possible safety message during the ride, the rest is all on recordings. Cast Members today could not give the presentations which were of the Cast Members in the first 2 decades. I rode the Omni Bus on Main Street not long ago, and not only does it seldom see operation, but there was NOT ONE WORD spoken on the microphone. This once had a complete narration spiel as REQUIRED part of driving the Omni Bus… Main Street had the BEST Cast Members because WDW felt these were the First Cast Members Guest would Meet on the way in and the Last Guest would meet on the way out…. I am sure this is still part of the Casting, however, what I have seen on Main Street in the last decade is a shadow of what once was. There can be no doubt in my evaluation that Cast Members of years ago knew far more and acted as Guest Relations Hosts at every corner of the world, answering questions of all kinds. Yes, not every Cast Member was ready with answers to ever question, but neither is Guest Relations, who often has to use computers to get answers for Guests. What has change as an extra demand on Guest Relations, is all the new Ticketing for SPECIAL EVENTS as added charges… Reservations are often made or changed at Guest Relations for these issues… We will not even begin to talk about the added need for Guest Relations due to Fast Pass Plus.

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