PHOTO REPORT: The Magic Kingdom 5/9/18 (Infinity War, TRON, DuckTales, Cosmic Ray’s, Main Street Enhancements, ETC.)

Our latest photo report brings us to the Magic Kingdom to see what’s new and exciting…

“If We Can’t Get You to Hollywood Studios, You Can Be Damn Well Sure We’ll Avenge It”

Gone are the days of monorail wraps, but you’ll currently find some Avengers: Infinity War busses rolling all over property.

Main Street Magic

A series of building refurbishments are taking place on Main Street. The firehouse is behind tarps currently.

Crystal Arts is still behind tarps as well.

The three dimensional signage that matches the original signs that once graced the House of Magic has finally been installed and it looks great.


Work continues on the Club 33 location in Adventureland as an additional rooftop is added.

Making a Splash

A video pre-show was added to Splash Mountain to help guests load into the logs faster. You can watch the entire video below:

This and That

You can still find some items featuring the Redhead from Pirates of the Caribbean at the Magic Kingdom, including this $19 fan from the Arribas Bros. cart near the attraction.

A more permanent stroller parking sign was erected outside of the carousel.

The exterior refurbishment of the carousel continues…

Some pavement work is happening nearby as well.

4 new VHS notepads were recently released. You can read more about them here.

TRON Lightcycle Construction Fun

Work continues beyond the view of guests on TRON Lightcycle Power Run, opening at the Magic Kingdom in 2021. For an aerial view of the site, you’ll want to check out our post from a few weeks ago.

An exciting view of dirt.

I find it hard to believe that you won’t see this show building from Storybook Circus.

Tomorrowland Times

The outdoor seating expansion at Cosmic Ray’s Starlight Cafe is nearing completion.

Lights were turned on underneath it, so it must be just about ready to open.

Just in time for Summer, sit outside in the extreme heat and eat some Disney counter service food!

The Alien Claw Toy Story Cart that has been a part of Tomorrowland for the better part of two decades was removed.

Hopwever, the pavement remains heavily damaged from the giant merchandise stand’s presence.

The painting of the right side of Tomorrowland appears to be completed.

The windows at Monsters Inc. Laugh Floor are now crystal white and no longer feature steampunk accents.



This may seem like a cute picture of ducks, but the one on the left isn’t sharing and is making the duck on the right sad.

MFW there’s a Millennial Pink Milkshake.

I was surprised just how much I enjoyed this. I guess I forgot to read our review

A Hatbox Ghost bottle opener for sale at Memento Mori.

You can now order D-Tech on Demand phone cases at the Frontierland Trading Post, but you still have to pick them up by Space Mountain.

Now available on demand are Ducktales and Emoji MagicBands and phone cases.

The Walt Disney display at the Hall of Presidents is now an etched, three dimensional board. It was a flat canvas previously.

There is a new, open edition Talespin pin for sale.

The latest Dooney & Bourke arrival is this Cinderella design.

Glacier Drinks are now available at the Confectionery and you don’t have to wait in the long line where the pastries are.

Some new Princess tea sets for sale.

The Disney Afternoon mugs have arrived in Florida.

They’re pretty slick in this blogger’s opinion.



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  1. I’m loving all the new Disney Afternoon stuff! I love the new Ducktales too, but Darkwing will always have my heart.

    Thanks for doing this write-up, it lets me know to keep my eyes open when I head back.

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