REVIEW: Hidden Charm and a Quiet Lunch at Gurgling Suitcase at Disney’s Old Key West

The Gurgling Suitcase is a bar located at Disney’s Old Key West Resort. Just off the main breeze of registration and a turn past Olivia’s you’ll find this (literally) hole-in-the-wall joint. The name actually has some pretty historic importance. Back in the days of prohibition alcohol was illegal in the states but not in Cuba. Often suitcases were packed with rum from Cuba and shipped to the Florida Keys. Inspectors would shake suitcases and listen for a gurgling sound of liquid to check for any smuggling. And boom, the name Gurgling Suitcase was born. Of course, there’s a lot more than just rum available here. We stopped by for lunch and found a great souvenir glass as well!

See this blue menu? These are gigantic beverages that are served in…

We opted for the Turtle Krawl which was very boozey yet balanced between all of the flavors and liquors mixed-in. That $19.00 price tag includes the plastic souvenir glass with the Gurgling Suitcase logo on it. A perfect souvenir from a unique little bar.


Deep-fried Pickle Chips – Served with House-made Ranch Dressing – $8.00

Light, airy, and crispy. These were fried just perfectly to give a great crunchy exterior without ruining the middle pickle portion. We love fried pickles and these are no exception to the fascination.


Fish Tacos – Fried Mahi-Mahi served on Flour Tortillas topped with Zesty Chipotle Sauce, Marinated Slaw, and Micro-Cilantro – $15.00

There’s a lot of fish down there. Difficult to portray in pictures and we’ll save you the bitten cross-section this time, but believe us when we tell you that the $15 price tag is almost justified. It’s difficult to invalidate a higher price tag on a seafood option, especially in Florida, but when the seafood is good who’s complaining? Fortunately these tacos were pretty good and topped with just enough slaw and chipotle sauce to keep things going. The best part? They didn’t fall apart after two bites! Very sturdy flour tortillas, bravo!


Barbecued Pulled Pork Nachos – House-made Potato Chips topped with Jalapenos, Pepper Jack and Mozzarella, Pice de Gallo, and Sour Cream – $10.00

Nowhere in the entree name does it say loaded, but BOY were these loaded with everything. It’s a whopping portion for the price tag making it an immediate deal, especially for sitting around having a few drinks at the bar. The pork is slathered in a good barbecue sauce that is also sprinkled over the chips. Sour cream and traditional nacho toppings adorn the rest and honestly, it works, and it works well. They’re no contender for the pulled pork nachos at Polynesian Village, but they’re a close 2nd.

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2 years ago

Love Gurgling Suitcase.
Wish it was a bit bigger, especially on some evenings.
But I guess that’s part of the charm.

The Wife and I are planning a lunch there in early October, and we’ll definitely share one (or two) of those huge cocktails.

Mike H
Mike H
2 years ago

Can’t believe I never knew about this place. This looks like such a great little bar!

2 years ago

Can you get drinks from Gurging Suitcase next door at Olivia’s?