REVIEW: New Restaurantosaurus Lounge at Animal Kingdom Leads to Tastebud Extinction

The new Restaurantosaurus Lounge opened today at Disney’s Animal Kingdom. Starting at 5pm daily you can find mixed drinks and small bites in one of the side areas of the restaurant. This takes place in the old garage and supply storage area, according to the storyline of the restaurant. We walked the dinosaur over to Animal Kingdom tonight to check out the new digs.

Entrance is just to the left side of Restaurantosaurus.

All of these sections are secluded from the rest of the restaurant. They added nice lanterns to the tables to give more of a lounge vibe to the area. That being said, the music is the same that plays throughout Dinorama, so I hope you don’t mind Kids Bop.

There’s also outdoor seating, if you enjoy 90 degrees and 100% humidity.


Tequilasaurus – Herradura respado tequila, Bols Creme de Cassis, Lime Juice, and Sweet-and-Sour – $11.50

This one was VERY tart. There’s a great flavor going on, but it’s really just plain tart. Like drinking a sweet tart. It’ll be really refreshing in the summer heat and sun, but the lounge starts serving right now sun down. At least it’s passable for a drink.


Ferminted Fossil – Bacardi Gran Reserva Maestro Rum. Mint, Lime Juice, and Pure Can Syrup topped with Soda Water – $11.50

Animal Kingdom has been needing a mojito ever since Dawa Bar got rid of theirs a while ago. Fortunately this one is quite pleasant and boozey. There’s a great portion of rum and the soda water doesn’t detract from the experience. Recommended for the mojito lovers out there.


Primordial Booze – Three Olives Blueberry Bodka, Bols Blue Cuacao, and Odwalla Lemonade with juices of Lemon and Pomegranate – $10.50

There’s literally no trace of liquor in this one. Not sure if that’s a good thing or a bad thing, we did have a few drinks, but even so juice can only mask so much. Anyway it’s sour and fruity, like a good alcoholic lemonade.


Carnotaurus Meteoritis – Buffalo Trace Bourbon, Lemon Juice, Strawberry Puree, and Sweet-and-Sour topped with Sprite – $10.25

Literally undrinkable. There’s far too much sweet and sour mix in these drinks, they remind us of the old Star Wars Weekends sugar fest cocktails. Perhaps we got a bad mix, but none of the flavors worked together making it a really unpleasant experience. Avoid.


Sweet-and-Spicy Mixed Nuts – $5.99

Mammals dominate the earth. Mammals dominate the earth. And sugar dominates these nuts. They’re fossilized in what feels like 10,000 years of undisturbed sugar that gives you a crick in the neck trying to chew. Swing and a huge miss for the Restaurantosaurus Lounge. Fix the sugar issue, then we’ll talk.


Buffalo Chicken Dip – Served with House Made Chips – $8.99

For fifty cents more you can get a 8 piece chicken nugget meal with fries and a trip to the fixins bar at Restaurantosaurus. But no, we had to come to the lounge and try to dig through this tar pit of chicken-less buffalo chicken dip. There’s so little chicken in here you’d imagine a fox raided the hen house and the chefs didn’t think to change what’s for dinner. Besides the lack of protein, the dip is pretty good and has a decent kick. But when you’re paying premium prices for a premium bite you should be getting something much better.



You’d be stupid to not visit Nomad Lounge or even Thirsty River Bar. Sure the Restaurantosaurus Lounge setup is interesting and it’s nice to have a bar inside of Dinoland (FINALLY!), but this is just a miss on all counts. There’s potential, but until major changes happen we won’t be returning.

^This is the only thing you should be doing at the Restaurantosaurus Lounge.

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  1. Looks like food and beverage is pushing for extra revenue again. Bus stop pizza the sequel can’t be far away.

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