ANALYSIS: How Much Will The 2018 Epcot International Food & Wine Festival Cost You? Use This Spreadsheet to Find Out!

It’s that time of year again. The time when snack credits disappear, gift cards go blank, and resort room charges balloon like Violet Beauregarde. Well, I guess that can be almost any time at Walt Disney World, but here I’m specifically talking about the Epcot International Food and Wine Festival. This year the Festival features 42 separate locations and nearly 300 specialty items. That’s going to put a dent in anyone’s pocket. In fact, sampling every festival item would cost you $1660.64*, and that’s not even counting multiple flavors of ice cream!

Well, I can’t afford to spend that much on just a few days of snacks, so once again I’ve made a handy little tool to help budget for the festival. All you have to do is mark what items, and how many you want, and the sheet will calculate your total cost.  If you want to focus on the new food items, those 32 snacks will cost you $199.28. The sheet marks items that are new or significantly changed. It also notes new cocktails or mixed drinks, but not new beers or wines. If you’d like to sample one item from every booth or location offering a special festival offering, that is going to run you $193.48 for those 40 items. I wouldn’t recommend that, as that means you’re just buying a lot of really generic beers you can get almost anywhere to come in at that number.

Just for fun (no, seriously I think this is fun) I ran a few analyses. The  average item costs $6.73, up from $6.19 last year. That does include some outliers, like the $32 glass of Dom Pérignon, but so does last year’s number. Overall, prices haven’t increased much this year, up an average of an 8.7% compared to last year’s prices, although you can compare that to the 1.9% increase that a one day value season ticket would cost you to attend the festival. Most of the returning items went up $0.25 and some not at all.

We hope this tool helps you plan your visit to the 2018 festival and be sure to checkout all of our reviews and menus at

This year we are providing the cost calculator spreadsheet as both a Google Sheet and a downloadable Excel spreadsheet. We have also incorporated a number of improvements based on your feedback from last year. In this year’s spreadsheet, we have added several new columns to classify items. New columns include the location of the booth in the park, and the item type (food, wine, beer, alcoholic beverage, or non-alcoholic beverage). We have also added columns to denote new items, vegetarian items, and gluten-friendly items. And there are four columns for users to indicate whether they plan to purchase any given item, so groups can work together and share one spreadsheet. And then we’re added column filters so you can easily sort or filter by any of these new columns! If you have any questions or comments, let us know below!


Google Sheets version:

Click here or copy and paste this link into your web browser:

You should be prompted to make a copy of the sheet. Click yes, and it will create a copy of the sheet in your own Google Drive.

If it does not prompt you to make a copy, but instead just opens the sheet, it will be read-only. If this happens, click the three dots and select “Share & export” then click “Make a copy” and this will create the editable copy in your Google Drive.

Excel version:

If you don’t have a Google account or prefer to use Excel, just click here to download the spreadsheet as an .xlsx file.

If you have an older version of Excel and need the .xls file, click here.

If you want the OpenDocument version .ods file, click here.


*For all totals and averages, any beverage appearing in a flight is removed and the flight is treated as one item as a whole. Prices do not include tax.

7 thoughts on “ANALYSIS: How Much Will The 2018 Epcot International Food & Wine Festival Cost You? Use This Spreadsheet to Find Out!”

  1. That is so awesome! I’m like you – I find these types of things fun

    Any chance you could mark which ones are Snack credits on the dining plan? Help us cheapskates out ;). And also see how valuable the dining plan can be at this time of year

    • Thanks for the input. We’ll see if we can get the DDP info in there, but in general I believe the only non-alcoholic item that is not snack credit eligible is the Maple Bacon Funnel Cake.

  2. Will you also be doing this for DCA’s Food and Wine Festival? I believe theirs is in February or March.

  3. As a Data Analyst I enjoy blog posts where spreadsheets are involved. One question though is that above you mention that there are 32 items labeled as “NEW” and ” FOOD”, however, when I filter your data by “NEW” and “FOOD” there are 36 rows of data. Are there snacks that should not be included (like multiple CroNuts (r)) in my understanding of the data?

    I am using the .xlsx version of the Excel spreadsheet.


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