“Disney Play” is Tentative Name for Disney’s Upcoming Streaming Service

Over the weekend, Variety’s Cynthia Littleton revealed that Disney’s upcoming streaming service has a tentative name: “Disney Play.”

The name was revealed in an article on the changing landscape of streaming services and the challenges new players in the game will face. Disney Play was a focal point of the piece.

In the article, Littleton mentioned that the service will be the streaming home of Disney’s theatrical releases from 2019 on, including the as-yet-untitled Avengers 4, “Star Wars: Episode IX,” “Toy Story 4,” “Jungle Cruise,” “Frozen 2,” and the live-action remakes of “Dumbo,” “Aladdin,” and “The Lion King.” Disney is expected to honor its previous agreements with Netflix and other broadcast networks for its films from 2018 and previous years.

The service will be bolstered with original content, including a remake of “Lady and the Tramp” as well as original films. The service will also offer exclusive television content from studios across the Disney brand, including a Muppet-centered series, as well as a live-action “Star Wars” television series and the revival of “Star Wars: The Clone Wars.”

Disney Play is scheduled to launch in late 2019, and is reported to have a lower initial price point than Netflix.


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