REVIEW: Cosmic Ray’s Beams Up Secret Menu $18 Pork Belly Burger That’s Out Of This World

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Cosmic Ray’s Starlight Cafe is a quick service at Magic Kingdom, best known for being ‘that place with the cheese sauce’ (RIP) and more historically where the amazing animatronic singer Sonny Eclipse performs. Cosmic Ray’s isn’t our first choice food stop at Magic Kingdom, but it’s a fun one. We recently checked out the new Incredibles themed burger and earlier in the year we saw a brand new dessert with our bright little star on it. Well, now Cosmic Ray’s is trying to kill us with a monster of a burger that’s pretty surprising.


First we should note: this isn’t on the regular menu, it’s on a ‘secret menu’ only through mobile order. If you ask a cast member at the register they’ll let you order it though, it’s just not advertised anywhere. Aren’t secret menus a 2017 thing? Anyway, on to the review…


Pork Belly Burger – 8oz Pork Belly and Angus Beef blend topped with Smoke Gouda, Sriracha Aioli and Pork Rinds on a Brioche Bun speared with Fried Pickle Chips and served with Your Choice of Side – $17.99

Honestly…. it’s good. Probably the best first item I’ve had at Cosmic Ray’s that I’ve truly enjoyed. The pickle chips are inedible so don’t eat them, but the rest is really good. It approaches Disney Springs’ D-Luxe Burger quality, but the typical quick service bun brings it down a few pegs. The sriracha aioli is also found on the condiment bar if you want to load-up with more sauce, but there’s already plenty slathered across the top. Surprisingly enough, the slice of Gouda cheese goes perfectly with everything included.

It’s quite uncommon to get not only a good meal from Cosmic Ray’s, but a good burger from any quick service location in the parks. The pork belly and beef blend has a flavor far exceeding the rest of the burgers you’ll find here.

We’re fans, and we’ll be back for more. Hopefully, between the Incredibles burger and this one, that Cosmic Ray’s sees a demand for more unique burger options and continues to exceed typical low expectations.

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