Epcot pixie dust; photo by Disney Photo Snapper

Uniquely Disney: Epcot Edition

If you have ever wanted to travel through time, or even just around the world in a day, your ideal destination is Walt Disney World’s Epcot! Epcot, standing for ‘Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow’, this park is full of technological wonders, the science of past, present, and future, and of course sights, dishes, and experiences from around the world. Let’s delve into three amazing Disney details from this astounding park that make you feel as if you are truly somewhere other than a theme park!

Morocco Tile Detail

I love World Showcase; in each of the represented countries there is so much delicious food and drink, and beautiful and authentic architecture and art; and I just love being able to experience a little of the items, food, and music from each culture, and interact with the ‘ambassadors’ from these countries. An area like World Showcase really relies on the detail work to bring together the feeling, atmosphere, and visuals of another country, so this area is a treasure trove. One of my favourite things, which tops my list for Epcot overall, is the tile work in the Morocco pavilion.

I really think of this pavilion as a hidden treasure because so much of it is hidden from view; there is far more to it than what you can see as you pass by, and it is so incredibly beautiful. This pavilion is meant to recreate a winding street and its buildings -a mix of homes and shops- and there is so much more to see than you might realize. In every nook there are more stunning items and decor details to admire, and one thing there is no shortage of is the iconic and beautiful tile work. The Morocco pavilion construction was supported by the country itself, and so this detail really doesn’t get much more authentic- the king of Morocco actually sent artisans to Walt Disney World to create all the tile work throughout the pavilion! You’re sure to feel transported!

Unique details in Walt Disney World's Epcot: Moroccan Mosaics
Authentic Moroccan mosaics in the Morocco Pavilion

Italy Gondolas

As you continue your journey around the world, you will eventually come across a pavilion where things seem to slow a little bit down; you enter a place of fine fashion, food, and wine- welcome to the Italy pavilion! This area is full of iconic representations of architecture and art, and some real delicious food; and, my next favourite detail in Epcot!

While you explore this gorgeous representation, if you frame it just right you may just forget you are in Florida; with the authentically recreated buildings and detailing, the faint sounds of music and voices speaking Italian floating in the air, and the smell of fine Italian cuisine tempting you, it’s easy to get whisked away! But is that enough? Of course not! So how else does Disney add that little extra something to make you feel as though you could be standing in one of Italy’s beautiful regions? If you stroll away from the pavilion and make your way up and across the little bridge on the lagoon side you will not only get a lovely view of Italy, but if you take a peek in the water you will see Italian gondolas bobbing gently, waiting to take a passenger on a ride- a classic Italy image!

Unique details in Walt Disney World's Epcot: the gondolas of Venice
The gondolas of Venice moored by the Italy Pavilion

Pixie Dust

As your day at Epcot comes to an end -hopefully it was filled with amazing experiences and delicious food!- and you head to the front of the park to catch your bus, monorail, or get to your car, be sure to take in the dazzling sights of Future World in the evening. The area is lit wonderfully, it becomes serene, and the fountain and Spaceship Earth take on a whole new beauty in the colourful glow. As if that weren’t enough, Disney has one more little detail up its sleeve, to bid you a truly magical goodnight: as you meander through the Spaceship Earth area, be sure to look down to catch a glimpse of sparkling pixie dust at your feet, twinkling on the pavement to give you the perfect Disney goodbye- until next time!

Unique details in Walt Disney World's Epcot: Pixie dust lights in Future World
Pixie dust in Future World (photo by Disney Photo Snapper)


We’ve been all the way around the world and into the future to cover my top three Disney details in the beautiful and one of a kind Epcot. There is just nothing like a Disney finishing touch! What are your top three Epcot details?

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