Walt Disney World Annual Passholders Now Being Required to Show ID at Parking Entrances

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There are now new signs at select parking entrances of Walt Disney World Theme Parks asking guests to have a photo ID ready.  As guests go through the toll plazas, they are required to show the ID as their MagicBands are tapped.

Some cast members have enforced this in the past, but it was never a consistent policy.

While this will help combat the issue of people using other Annual Passholders’ bands to get free parking, this will surely create some congestion as people fumble for their wallets. While the Annual Passholders still have their own entrance at many of the parks, this move shows that Disney would like to confirm payment of parking over convenience for Passholders.

There has been no official announcement from Disney yet regarding this policy, so we will keep you up to date if this is temporary or will become a permanent policy.

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  • This is not entirely new but it was done inconsistently. I’ve had to show my ID multiple times over the past few years. Sometimes they would just ask me for my name.I could never tell if the attendant had a suspicion or if it was purely random. SeaWorld has had this as an official, always-enforced policy for many years.

  • There has never been a time where I’ve parked as an Annual Passholder where I didn’t show my AP card along with my ID. Not sure how this is different than it has been for the last couple of years.

  • Just add the pass holders photo to the pass.and fingerprint and blood type… etc. lol. However adding a photo would be an easy fix.

    • That’s a great common sense idea but Disney does not use that type of thinking 😲🙄that would make it too easy 🤗 And the many managers it takes to approve a resolution would not like that

  • The problem here is for minors that don’t have a photo ID and the AP card doesn’t have a photo. I paid for an adult AP for my 11 year old and she attended the park with non-AP holders in my car last month and Disney wanted to charge a parking fee because she couldn’t show ID. Disney’s remedy was go stand in line at guest services to get a refund.

  • What happens when the annual passholder doesn’t have an ID card? For example, young grandkids that are AP (but not old enough to need or have IDs) visiting WDW with non-AP grandparents?

  • I’m an annual passholder and I always have to show my ID as of about 18 months ago. For the last several months, I just present both my pass and my ID when going through the booth. NBD, doesn’t create congestion and since I’m a responsible passholder, I’m ready for it to expedite the process.

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