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PHOTO REPORT: Disney Character Warehouse at the Orlando Vineland Premium Outlets

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Happy New Year! I made a daring venture out to the Orlando Vineland Premium Outlets right in the middle of the peak holiday rush to bring you some of the latest merchandise that you can grab for cheap at the Disney Outlet store. If you’ve ever been to the Disney Outlet, you know it’s a total hit or miss as far as the quality and quantity of merchandise goes. Luckily I saw a lot of cool new merchandise, and a pretty well-stocked store this time. Let’s get to some of the highlights!

pirate mini tea set
pirate mini tea set 1
pirate mini tea set 3Right when you walk in, these sets of mini tea sets are for sale. At $24.99 each they’re a little pricey, but the quality is good and they make a fantastic collectors item. The Pirates Of the Caribbean set is really fantastic. It features a ship, skull and crossbones, parrot, and the classic well scene from the ride.

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Snow White mini tea set
Snow White mini tea set 1The Snow White one is kind of basic. It features Snow White’s cottage but that’s really the only relevant piece in the set.

Peter Pan mini tea set
Peter Pan mini tea set 1

Peter Pan mini tea set 3The Peter Pan set is another really great one. It features a Peter Pan flying centerpiece, Neverland skull rock, Tick-Tock the Crocodile, and two mermaid cups. I LOVE this one!

black widow disney marvel toybox Moving on. Remember Disney Infinity? That video game that people spent like $500 on only for it to be discontinued after like 2 years? Well, they ended up making those figures into regular action figures and now they’re making their way to the outlets! Black Widow is the only one currently for sale ($6.99), but something tells me we can expect other figures to pop up here soon.

black widow disney marvel toybox 1
marvel avengers figure songbirdOn the same shelf is a Marvel’s Songbird (who?) figure. It comes with a random arm which looks like it belongs to Thanos. This figure sells for $17.99 and honestly that seems like a price increase rather than a discount.

rivers of light fan For $5.99, this Rivers of Light portable fan will come in handy while you’re waiting for the show to start this summer (if it makes it that long.)

princess music boxes outletThese music boxes have been here for quite a while, but they’re a nice gift or keepsake if one of your favorite princesses is featured. Jasmine, Cinderella, Ariel, and Aurora are all featured and each box contains a spinning figure of the respective princess accompanied by music from that movie.

princess music boxes 2
princess music boxes 3
princess music boxes jasmine
Lucifer trick or treat pin 2018Some cool leftover Halloween merch is making its way over to the outlets. This cool Lady Tremaine “Trick Or Treat” series pin is available for $6.99 and the door opens up to reveal the villain herself.

Lucifer trick or treat pin 2018 interior
Epcot 35 pennantRemember all that extremely exclusive and rare Epcot 35 merchandise that people lined up outside Mouse Gear to get? It’s at the outlet now. The pennant, sticker, and pin set is $5.99 and makes for some cute décor around the house.

epcot 35 merch
avatar photo frameSome Pandora merchandise has also been spotted. This cute frame will make you scream, “O Eywa!” It sells for $9.99.

avatar phone caseThis Pandora phone case is also really cute. It has a different material on it which I feel would provide a better grip. It sells for $7.99.

expedition Everest photo frameExpedition Everest Photo Frame – $7.99

wdw photo frameWalt Disney World Photo Frame – $9.99

star wars day at sea badgeThe 2018 Star Wars Day At Sea happened almost a year ago which means these have been around for a while. The name tags are the same style that used to be at Star Wars Weekends except these are blank and you can’t write anything on it unless you do it yourself with a sharpie. These sell for $4.99 which is outrageously expensive for a piece of blank plastic.

sleeping beauty interchangeable bowsSleeping Beauty Interchangeable Bows (which I’m pretty sure are discontinued around the resort.) – $4.99

Star Wars Alex and aniAlex and Ani Star Wars Bracelets – $19.99

animal print dishwaterThese neat kitchenware plates, bowls, and water jugs give a super Animal Kingdom-like vibe. The water jug is $14.99, the bowls are $5.99, the small plates are $5.99, and the large plates are $8.99.

mr toad bowl There’s a neat line of small bowls available. They feature Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride, Disney Villains, Haunted Mansion, Pirates of the Caribbean, and It’s a Small World.

villains mini bowl I don’t really know what these would be used for, but I’m sure they’d work for something.

haunted mansion bowl
pirates of the Caribbean bowl
small world bowl
small world bowl 1

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vacationeer TopBarAD2020 v2

small world bowl 2The It’s a Small World one is the most oddly shaped bowl I’ve ever seen. At first I thought it was an ashtray, but the bottom of it curves down to a narrow circular shape which would make it really easy to tip over. I have no idea why it’s like this, but this is one of the most outlet-worthy merchandise items I’ve ever come across.

space mountain print This wonderful print is super limited at this point, there were only two left when I went. It features Space Mountain with the moon in the background. ($19.99)

dca food and wine 2018 print

In case anyone wanted to remember California’s Food and Wine Festival, there’s a few prints left commemorating the event. They also go for $19.99.

expedition Everest hat

This neat Expedition Everest hat is $7.99.

holiday tiki room tshirt

This Christmas shirt was new this year and has already made its way to the Outlet. Perfect to keep for next year! ($7.99)

hocus pocus tshirt outlet

All three of the popular Sanderson Sisters shirts from Halloween 2018 have made their way to the Outlet and they sell for $4.99 each. All three for $15.00 isn’t bad at all, compared to their original $36.99 each price tag.

halloween 2018 tshirt outletAnother cute Halloween party shirt. This one features Zero and Minnie Mouse. I actually don’t remember seeing this one in the Magic Kingdom around October.

ace tshirt pandora
alpha centauri expeditions tshirt backI love this ACE Expeditions Pandora shirt for $9.99.

american adventure tshirtEarlier in 2018, there was a line of shirts made for each World Showcase country. This one features the classic World Showcase logo and the American Adventure logo. ($8.99)

star wars button-up shirtThis neat Star Wars button-up shirt features iconic Star Wars ships zooming all around the galaxy. ($24.99)

mary blair dress
mary blair dress 2
mary blair dress tagThese Mary Blair-inspired dresses are perfect for Dapper Day 2019. ($49.99)

hocus pocus villain spectacular mugsEven more Halloween 2018 merchandise. The Hocus Pocus Villain Spectacular mug is available for $4.99.

avatar mugAVTR Program Pandora Mug – $5.99

wdw mugMagic Kingdom Castle mug.

star wars mugVarious Star Wars-inspired mugs – $5.99

solo mugsSolo mug or Solo cup?

star wars rebels mugThat about does it for this Vineland Outlet report! Lots of neat and interesting items this time around. The Outlet is constantly changing; adding and re-stocking great merchandise each day. It’s worth a visit on your next Disney vacation just to hunt for some great deals!

  1. We bought a star wars day at see name tage and then took it with the receipt to Launch Bay and they engraved it for us not extra cost.

  2. Tim, NO kidding, I went last Sat. Spend 20 mins driving around, saw one fight, 2 cars yelling at each other And a lot of angry people, I just left it’s not worth it. Horrible. Not sure how to Remedy that maybe a parking garage but Horrible is the word for it.

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