PHOTOS: Haunted Mansion Graveyard Opera Singers Limited Edition Plush Released at the Magic Kingdom

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Now available at Memento Mori in the Magic Kingdom is a new limited edition Haunted Mansion plush set featuring the Graveyard Opera Singers. This is the third release in the Haunted Mansion Plush series. The best part is they glow in the dark!


It retails for $59.99.

First released were Hatbox Ghost and Bat Plush Set back in August. Also back in stock are the Hitchhiking Ghost plush collection which was the second in the series.

Hurry over to Memento Mori to grab yours before they disappear.

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Melanie B.
Melanie B.
2 years ago

I feel like the singing busts are the only ones that could truly tempt me.

2 years ago

If Disney took 1% of the effort they put into making selling overpriced crap like this, and put it into improving the experience, cleanliness, safety and greatly expanding the parks, it be worth going. Instead, they cut back, Cut quality, Cut staffing. Cut hours. Cut cleaning. Skimp on safety. Close areas of their theme parks to open smaller areas with fewer rides. Instead they make more self-promotional crap in hopes of robbing more money of the unsuspecting die hards who don’t see how poor WDW is being run. (I will get off soap box..I just a huge fan of WDW… Read more »