PHOTOS: Sleeping Beauty Castle Closed for Refurbishment at Disneyland Park

disneyland resort sleeping beauty castle major refurbishment
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In an effort to fix the damage done during the Diamond Celebration for Disneyland’s 60th anniversary, Sleeping Beauty Castle is undergoing a major refurbishment. Today, construction walls went up around the Castle. Guests can no longer access Fantasyland through the drawbridge, Snow White’s Wishing Well, or Fantasy Faire.

disneyland resort sleeping beauty castle major refurbishment

Unfortunately, it’s not a pretty sight. In front of Sleeping Beauty Castle, a sign directs guests to access Fantasyland through alternate routes. This is sure to make things complicated for guests who are unfamiliar with the park.

disneyland resort sleeping beauty castle major refurbishment

While the gray construction walls directly in front of the Castle aren’t too terrible to look at, we cannot say the same about the green fencing that continues along either side.

disneyland resort sleeping beauty castle major refurbishment

disneyland resort sleeping beauty castle major refurbishment

disneyland resort sleeping beauty castle major refurbishment

At this time, there is no date set for when the Sleeping Beauty Castle refurbishment will end, other than sometime in Spring 2019. Most of the refurbishment taking place is dedicated to re-roofing the Castle and replacing the material with fibre-reinforced plastic on the turrets. We expect tarps to cover the Castle sometime soon, as has been done during previous refurbishments.

disneyland resort sleeping beauty castle major refurbishment

Currently, guests can still access the Sleeping Beauty Castle Walkthrough attraction. However, even that will be closing for refurbishment on January 17th.

While this refurbishment is sure to put a damper on things at the Resort, we’re sure Sleeping Beauty Castle is going to look better than ever once construction is complete. Check with us again for more updates!

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  • Not cool Disney. I have a trip coming up for Spring Break. If that wall is still up I think we deserve some kind of compensation. I haven’t been to Disneyland since I was a kid & now I’m going back with my wife & child & this is what they are going to see? Pretty sad.

    • So…Disney should compensate you for them having to do work on Sleeping Beauty Castle? Because I’m sure that YOU are the only one they’re worried about.

      Here’s a solution…you can cancel your trip and get refunded. I mean, it’s not required that you go and if you’re so upset about Sleeping Beauty Castle being refurbished, you can cancel your trip and be compensated the cost of your trip. TA-DA…no loss.

    • Seems to be pretty standard for them this time of year. Was out at the park the last two years in Feb/March, and both times there were quite a few things being refurbished. Last year, it was all of Main Street! Talk about an eye sore – there are pictures around, I’m sure. Green fences all up and down the street. Year before that, both Pirates and Matterhorn were down for extended refurbishments.

      Anyway, Disneyland’s castle is humorously small when compared to that of other parks, so you’re not really missing that much. I assume the back of the castle is still accessible (not sure), but that also looks nice lit up.

    • We’re sorry to hear that. Disneyland’s website does list refurbishments, we recommend taking a look in the future when you are planning your next trip. Major refurbishments like this do typically happen every year at this time of year. But there are still many attractions open and available to see.

  • So sad!!! Our first trip ever to DL on March 18 and couldn’t wait to get pictures in front of the castle. :( So hoping it’s done early!

  • Refurbs happen every year at DL during this time of the year. This is nothing new and is the risk you take when visiting this time of year.

  • For the new nighttime show, Mickey’s Mix Magic at Disneyland, will there be fireworks and projections down Main Streets USA even there’s rumor that Sleeping Beauty castle is being renovated on Jan 18 until June?

  • So what about the night show are they still going to have one with fireworks does anyone know? Freaking out a little we are going on our 1st family vacation there at the beginning of March and I need to plan according Please Help!!

  • This will be my family’s first time to Disney in 2 weeks. And honestly, we were mainly going for the castle. Now it’s all blocked off you can’t even get a decent photo. We pay a lot of money to travel here. I think you need to find something that makes it up for paying customers and devistated children.

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