PHOTO REPORT: Magic Kingdom 5/28/19 (TTC Construction, Fantasyland Shop Rearrangements, Aladdin Treats, ETC.)


PHOTO REPORT: Magic Kingdom 5/28/19 (TTC Construction, Fantasyland Shop Rearrangements, Aladdin Treats, ETC.)


PHOTO REPORT: Magic Kingdom 5/28/19 (TTC Construction, Fantasyland Shop Rearrangements, Aladdin Treats, ETC.)

Let’s take a quick look around the Most Magical Place on Earth and see what’s new. It’s time for Magic Kingdom!

Outside the Park

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They’ve been working on this new shelter at the Transportation and Ticket Center for a while now (even before the announced changes happening around security). They look to be almost finished, as they were painting it today. Still not sure what it’ll be, but it matches the other guest waiting area. Maybe it’s a second shelter for guests waiting for the ferry?

mk5 24 19 1

mk5 24 19 25

Work continues on the berm outside the park. The terraced nature of the walls here tell me it’s most likely for the expansion of the current retention pond next door (as our readers have so kindly suggested). I’m assuming the walls are there to give the berm a safe decline into the water, as the Railroad will pass very close to it and it’s got quite a bit of elevation.

Main Street

mk5 24 19 4

Everyone’s favorite red-headed pirate is finally being represented at The Dress Shop in Uptown Jewelers. You can check out our whole piece on this dress here.

mk5 24 19 3

Just in case you forgot about Briar Rose Gold, management wants to make sure you’re aware of all the options. They have this display in the Main Street Cinema.


mk5 24 19 5

Panting continues in Tomorrowland! Merchant of Venus is finally getting some of its color back after having been painted white last week. You can see the latest developments here.

mk5 24 19 6

I know I complained about the wear and tear on the Cosmic Ray’s Starlight Cafe sign several months back. Well, they did eventually listen to me and replace the sign. However, they haven’t touched the Coca-Cola sign attached to it. It looks even worse when one part is way more worn than the rest.

With all the touch-ups happening in Tomorrowland right now, I’m sure this is on their long, long list of things to do.


mk5 24 19 9

Was one of your wishes to have caramel apples shaped vaguely like Aladdin characters? No? Well, they have them anyway. You can find them at Big Top Treats (Inside Big Top Souvenirs) in Storybook Circus.

mk5 24 19 8

The apples come dressed as Aladdin or Jasmine.

mk5 24 19 7

When it comes to the Genie, you have your choice of either caramel apple or cake pop.

mk5 24 19 12

There has been a lot of refurbishment work happening on the outside of Castle Couture recently, but this is the first I’ve seen work inside. They have these curtains up in front of some of the fixtures.

mk5 24 19 11

mk5 24 19 10

What are they doing? Cast Members either didn’t know or wouldn’t tell me. Story of my life.

mk5 24 19 15

Over in Fantasy Faire, near Mickey’s PhilharMagic, there’s been a bit of a re-arrangement. This wall, which used to have some really nice glass case displays with Mickey ear hats and pins/patches, has reverted to a simple hat display.

mk5 24 19 13

This wall, which had been the basic hat display, has a variety of things now, other than hats. All of them fantasy-themed, mind you.

mk5 24 19 16

This one has a rather basic assortment of Disney Villains merchandise.

mk5 24 19 14

mk5 24 19 17

The other two sections are all assorted Fantasyland stuff. It’s nice to have something other than just hats and pins in here, as it’s been for months and months.

Pirates of the Caribbean

mk5 24 19 22
Mickey Tumbler ($14.99)

I really like this new Mickey and friends Pirates of the Caribbean stuff. It’s cute!

mk5 24 19 21
Mickey Tumbler ($14.99)
mk5 24 19 20
Mickey Tumbler ($14.99)
mk5 24 19 24
Pirates Sweatshirt ($54.99)
mk5 24 19 23
Pirates Sweatshirt ($54.99)

I don’t need it now; it’s May, but this sweatshirt is pretty nice.

Et Cetera

mk5 24 19 19

mk5 24 19 18

The extended queue of Splash Mountain is one of the prettiest parts of the park, as long as there aren’t a ton of people back here.

That’s all from the Magic Kingdom for today. We’ll keep you updated on anything and everything happening in this park. Have any specific questions about Magic Kingdom? Let us know!

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  1. A castmember told me two weeks ago that they are moving the check in area for bibbity bibbity boutique over to castle couture to make room for the expansion.

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