PHOTOS: Coronado Springs Resort Construction Update 5/4/19 (Villa Del Lago Signage and Decor Goes Up, Gran Destino Tower Finishing Touches)

Welcome back! Projects all around the Walt Disney World resort are moving very quickly, and another project that seems to be wrapping up is Grand Destino Tower and Villa Del Lago at Disney’s Coronado Springs! We brought you an update just a few weeks ago, but we’ve since noticed even more progress we wanted to share!

Villa Del Lago

Villa Del Lago appears to be just about ready to open. There’s really no visible construction work left to be done. The sign is in place, and there’s even decorative items around the building.

The sign featuring the restaurant’s name and logo is in place. There are also four decorative murals just underneath it.

Another interesting element added to the area are these metal windmill-like contraptions. They add a warm welcome to the restaurant and the detail is appreciated.

There are also various lighting fixtures above what appears to be the main outdoor bar. This will light most of the patio area.

Heres a better look at the metal windmills. They are shaped to look like flowers and really do add a relaxing vibe to the area around the resturaunt.

There are also directional signs around the area pointing guests to nearby points of interest. This one points toward The Dig Site and Ranchos Cabanas.

The general vibe feels very cozy. I’m really excited for Villa Del Lago to open this Summer!

Gran Destino Tower

Over at Gran Destino Tower, construction has seemed to have shifted toward the front end. Much of the hotel’s front entrance remains unfinished, and most of the construction happening seems to be taking place there at this point. They did finish the four sections of the decorative piece on the front of the resort, in our last update it was only half installed.

Here’s a look the very much still under construction front end of the hotel. As you can see, the front breezeway barely has any real formation and almost no theming or decoration just yet.

One thing that does look to be completed in the front end however is this black awning which looks to be part of a bus loop.

The back side of the hotel looks to be just about complete. The walkway from the lobby of Coronado Springs to the lobby of Gran Destino is where most of the scaffolding stands.

There is a cherry picker helping to put the final touches on the three large windows at the center base of the tower.

To the right of that, we have some heavy construction happening. Workers are putting pathways in place and putting the final touches on one of the entrances.

Here’s a closer look at the small piece of scaffolding left, as well as the Gran Destino Tower end of the walkway, connecting it to the Coronado Springs lobby.

The decorative elements at the top of the tower are now complete. The larger windows at the top will be the future home of Toledo.

Finally, here is the other small piece of scaffolding on the left side of the tower.

Both of these projects look to be wrapping up quickly ahead of their scheduled Summer 2019 opening. As always, stay tuned to as we bring you the latest updates on the back end of construction for both these projects. Adios!

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  1. Great resort before. The problem was even with 4 bus stops, there were already to many people. I can only imagine the bus stops after construction is finished.

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