PHOTOS: Decorative Siding, Guest Railings Installed as Hollywood Studios Disney Skyliner Station Nears Completion

As Disney Skyliner stations across the resort move full steam ahead with construction, we noticed a couple new updates at the Disney’s Hollywood Studios station, which seems to be nearing completion. Just last week, we brought you a look at the first revealed Skyliner gondola with a character decal on it on the Hollywood Studios line. Let’s take a look at progress on the station:

The decorative siding is going up on the station. Workers were installing a side portion of it today.

Here’s a look at the main portion, keeping in theme with the existing aesthetic in the entrance area at the Studios.

This man was very excited to be in my picture, as seen here. Thanks for making the magic, good sir!

The completed portion looks good.

This is the area that’s yet to be installed. It should be finished within the next few days.

Towards the back of the station, railings for what we assume to be a handicap-accessible entrance have finally been installed and most of the back area has been painted and detailed. Notice the steel lines with varying shades of teal across the wall.

This seems to be the color scheme all around the station. The one support tower towards the back has yet to be painted, however, the rest of the station looks to be nearly complete.

We’ve seen testing of the gondolas out of this station for a few months now, and the other stations like the Art of Animation station, Caribbean Beach Station, and Riviera station all seem to be moving quickly as far as construction goes.

The Disney Skyliner is scheduled to open this Fall at Walt Disney World. Stay tuned to as we bring you all the latest on the Disney Skyliner and more projects around the resort!

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