ParksCenter – RUMOR: Epcot’s The Seas and The Land Future World Pavilions Set To Be Demolished – Ep. 56

This is ParksCenter. We cover the top 7 (yeah, 7) stories from this week in Disney Parks news, in under 30 minutes, guaranteed.

In this week’s episode, we’re talking about:

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2 years ago

Good show! I feel Pete’s frustrations. Disney used to be the king of deep themeing and now they seems to be doing crazy things like the Incredible ChopHouse. My big fear of the Land and Sea going is … to replaced with what? The combined attractions/pavillions absorb a lot of people per hour. They would need to come up with a lot to keep people busy. And on Star Wars expansion… maybe they’ll finally bring the lights back to Studios park – it’s Star Wars Christmas!

2 years ago

Disney has confirmed that this rumour is NOT TRUE! So why have you not posted anything on the rumour being false?

Jason Diffendal
2 years ago
Reply to  Car

What you don’t understand is that the @WDWToday Twitter account (which is the only comment anyone from Disney has made on this) is not run by the official Disney PR Department. And what they said was true, those pavilions will be with us into the future, which is 3-4 more years. Note that they don’t specify a date. Once Disney’s PR department contacts us with more details, we will update our post.