PHOTO REPORT: Magic Kingdom 6/9/19 (New Pins, Construction Updates and a Trip Around Rivers of America)

It’s a fine day to visit the Magic Kingdom! Although, is there really a day that isn’t a good day to visit the Magic Kingdom? Let’s see what’s new!


Tarzan 20th Anniversary Pin ($17.99)

New pins today! I’m a sucker for movie anniversary pins, personally, so I had to get this Tarzan one. Especially since I can’t remember the last time they made anything with Tarzan on it…

Jungle Book Vinyl Pin ($17.99)
“Bonkers” Kingdom Consoles Pin ($17.99)

Talk about digging deep. Who remembers “Bonkers”? Good for them. I appreciate obscurity.

Jim Shore always produces some cute stuff. I found a couple today that were noteworthy. This Lilo and Stitch one…

… and this adorable piece from One-Hundred-and-One Dalmatians.

This is really minor, but I thought it interesting. I noticed all across the park, anywhere they sell the “Goofy” branded candy, they’ve put out this display jars to show what kind of candy they sell.

It really helps because the packaging for the candy doesn’t do a great job of explaining the product. It’ll be curious to see how long these stick around.


Slowly but surely, the Cinderella Castle pathway project continues. The outer concrete walls are almost done, and work is starting on removing the old path to expand it outwards.

They’ve taken most of the old railing off as part of that expansion.

New supports are going in for TRON over in Tomorrowland. This project seems to be going much faster than the castle pathway, but that’s probably just because when they make progress, it’s much more noticeable.

The Rivers of America

I decided to take a ride on the Liberty Belle steam boat and see what’s going on around the riverbend.

People who aren’t paying attention

One of my favorite things while waiting for the boat to dock is watching the guests who are exiting. There’s always a non-zero number of people who completely ignore the cast members and think they’re supposed to exit on the middle deck, as opposed to the bottom deck.

People who ARE paying attention

It’s just a little bit of schadenfreude that I revel in.

Riding down the river, you can see the old dock here (that was until recently a smoking section) from an interesting angle. You can see the work on it that I mentioned in my post the other day. I had mentioned that I thought the work was happening in what used to be a planter– I was wrong, there was pathway there. They’re replacing it. For what purpose? It’s not clear yet.

There’s also a fun reference to the old “Mike Fink’s Keel Boats” attraction that used to be on the rivers. You can only see it from either the river or Tom Sawyer’s Island.

I also enjoy the rivers for the unique views of Big Thunder Mountain.

Looks like the shoreline has seen better days. Nature is starting to peek through.

They’re doing work on the railroad bridge here as part of the WDW Railroad refurbishment.

As we round the bend towards the dock, we pass Aunt Polly’s. She’s closed today, unfortunately. No delicious PB&J today, I suppose.

That’s it for today! What should I cover next time I’m in Magic Kingdom? Shoot me some suggestions!


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  1. Could you please show any updates related to the WDW Railroad track replacement? Is it still missing in Fantasyland?

  2. Would love to see more “character surprises” pics. Every once and a while you’ll get a surprise or unannounced character appearance in the park and I’d love to see who shows up!

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