PHOTOS: Latest Progress on the Pathway Widening Project by Cinderella Castle – 6/29/19

Cinderella Castle pathway widening
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The pathway that connects Liberty Square to Cinderella Castle has been closed for several weeks now, and we’ve been keeping an eye on the construction progress. If you walked this pathway before the closure, I’m sure you saw how narrow and congested this pathway can get, so the widening is going to be a welcome change.

You can see some changes since our last update, there’s a very clear outline of where the edge of the widened pathway is going to sit, several feet outside of the old pathway. In the photo above, they’ve started knocking out some of the pavement and the brick siding to make way for the new and improved path.

Cinderella Castle pathway widening

This was the corner of the old pathway that served as a good view of Cinderella Castle and a cute photo location, but that wall is coming down, too. I’m fine with losing this designated photo location though, in trade of getting the wrought iron benches that used to line this pathway back.

Cinderella Castle pathway widening

Cinderella Castle pathway widening

Checking in on the other end of this pathway in Fantasyland, a new hedge appeared a couple days ago. This is where the queue lines up for the meet and greets for the Fairy Godmother and Anastasia and Drizella, so my guess was this was an aesthetic choice to try to improve the show quality over in this area.

Cinderella Castle pathway widening

However, this hedge only blocks the view from the main path, and if you walk around the arches to the left, you can get the same view of the pathway construction progress as you could before the arrival of the hedge.

Cinderella Castle pathway widening

Cinderella Castle pathway widening

Cinderella Castle pathway widening

So for now, we’re definitely missing the convenient shortcut between Fantasyland and Liberty Square, but the wait looks like its going to be worth it for the new and improved pathway. We’ll continue keeping an eye on it for you over here at WDWNT, keep checking back for updates!

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