Astro Orbiter in Tomorrowland at the Magic Kingdom Remains Closed for 3rd Straight Day Due To Unscheduled Maintenance

On Friday, something happened during the routine start-up procedures of the Astro Orbiter in Tomorrowland at the Magic Kingdom. The ride never opened that day and didn’t operate all-day Saturday either. Today, the attraction remains closed for the third consecutive day.

The unplanned maintenance, not announced months in advance, is a rarity for Walt Disney World, but funny enough, Primeval Whirl at Animal Kingdom has been closed for weeks under similar circumstances.

An empty Astro Orbiter queue in Tomorrowland.
An empty Astro Orbiter queue in Tomorrowland.

It is unclear when the Astro Orbiter will return, and Disney has yet to even mention the closure publicly, but maintenance crews look to be working very hard to bring the ride back as soon as possible.

Maintenance cast members can be seen all around the attraction.
Maintenance cast members can be seen all around the attraction.
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  1. It’s…interesting that the two unexpected ride closures are basically the same ride. I wonder if the Magic Carpets will be next.

    1. They aren’t tho. Primevil Whirl is a mouse coaster. This is a dumbo dupe.

    2. Not even close to the same ride..primeval whirl is a roller coaster..a bad one, but still a roller coaster

    3. Primeval whirl and Astro orbiters are nothing alike. The first is a spinning wildmouse coaster and the latter is a dumbo like flying ride. They are both rather old and parts sometimes just wear out. It’s just coincidence that they both went down together.

    4. That would be TriceraTop Spin. Primeval Whirl is a mouse coaster. The two are nothing alike and these closures have nothing in common other than safety being the highest priority.

    5. Robert, the only thing these two rides have in common is that they are both in WDW. Astro Orbiter is nothing like or similar to primeval whirl.

    6. The two unexpected closures are Primeval Whirl and Astro Orbiters.. how are they the same ride at all? And why wish for something to just up and close?

    7. Dunno why you’ve been downvoted. They probably suffered a similar failure or this one was taken down due to an underlying issue that came up when fixing the first.

    8. You are confusing Primeval Whirl with Tricetatops Spin. Primeval Whirl is the spinning wild mouse type rollercoaster.

  2. Wow , how 1950 ish…… and while the competition is so “Universal”= 21st Century!!!

  3. It’s always been jerky and seemed so out of place.
    Like it should be in a street carnival not at Disney. We did it twice and said never again!!

  4. Meh, I don’t even consider that a ride. They should take it down for all I care.

    1. I like see it spinning up there but have never been compelled to ride it.

  5. I agree with other posters, this is a terrible ride and I can’t believe the wait is always so long to go on it! Being squished in that elevator, no thanks.

  6. I heard They have to strip the ride down and rebuild that’s how serious this problem is

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