PHOTO REPORT: Animal Kingdom 7/31/19 (Summer Crowds, Primeval Whirl Still Closed, and Lots of Animals!)


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PHOTO REPORT: Animal Kingdom 7/31/19 (Summer Crowds, Primeval Whirl Still Closed, and Lots of Animals!)

The Summer heat is in full effect today. Regardless of the heat, let’s go on an adventure; Animal Kingdom, here we come!

DAK7 30 19 26

DAK7 30 19 1

If you take the busses, or the tram in from the parking lot, you bypass much of the construction going on just outside the park. It’s nothing drastic at this point,  like in the other parks, but it’s noticeable.

DAK7 30 19 37

They’re planning on building a new covered tram loading area, but the work hasn’t made it to that area yet.

DAK7 30 19 39

DAK7 30 19 38

They added these lovely photos to look at along the walkway.

DAK7 30 19 2

It’s a busy morning at Animal Kingdom.

DAK7 30 19 3

DAK7 30 19 4

Thank the almighty for whoever invented the Annual Passholder entrance.

DAK7 30 19 5

What’s that in the trees as you enter the park…?

DAK7 30 19 6

It’s delightful, it’s delirious, it’s de-lovely– I mean, it’s Devine!

DAK7 30 19 8

Something I noticed inside Riverside Depot on Discovery Island: they’ve taken to hanging “related merchandise” on some of the fixtures. It’s like an Amazon ad inside of a store. “If you like A, you might like B”.

DAK7 30 19 9

DAK7 30 19 7

DAK7 30 19 10

This one confused me, as nothing nearby was battery-operated.

Summer Crowds

DAK7 30 19 13

It was exceptionally busy today. Flight of Passage was quoted as a 195 minute wait at 10 AM.

DAK7 30 19 12

DAK7 30 19 15

I’d believe it, too, since the line went halfway down to Africa.

DAK7 30 19 14

DAK7 30 19 28

Later in the day, Expedition Everest was busy, as usual. It was only quoted at 50 minutes, but that one I don’t believe…

DAK7 30 19 29

…because the FastPass+ return line stretched almost to the bridge (near Finding Nemo the Musical).

DAK7 30 19 30

One place it wasn’t busy, though, was…

Dinoland U.S.A.

DAK7 30 19 31

Primeval Whirl is still down. Someone must have broken something. It closed unexpectedly on July 17th and has been down since. Last we heard it’s supposed to reopen on August 3rd, but who knows.

DAK7 30 19 32
It’s just sittin’ there.

DAK7 30 19 40

I found the Dinoland hula hoop storage: for emergencies only.

DAK7 30 19 33

I noticed this in Chester and Hester’s: is this accidentally left over from Christmas? Or is this normally here? You can’t really tell in a place as eclectic as this.

DAK7 30 19 34

One of my favorite additions to Dinoland in recent memory is the Scrooge McDuck meet and greet. I hope he sticks around for a long time.

DAK7 30 19 11

He’s even got a sundae named after him, just next door at Dino-Bite Snacks.


DAK7 30 19 22

It’s Animal Kingdom, after all. Let’s look at some animals!

DAK7 30 19 23

This guy was keeping watch over the hippo pool…

DAK7 30 19 24

…while the hippo was chilling underwater.

DAK7 30 19 25

The zebras were actually out today. I feel like I always miss them when I come through the Gorilla Falls Exploration Trail.

DAK7 30 19 21

The cotton-top tamarins were missing in action today on Discovery Island.

DAK7 30 19 20

DAK7 30 19 27
“Legends say I’m balancing the Earth—but sad to say, I’m just hanging on!”

The gibbons were quite active today, considering the heat.

DAK7 30 19 36

I walked by the ant eater exhibit just after Annie had her bath. I think all the guests wanted to jump into the water with her!

Et Cetera

DAK7 30 19 16

I recently bought one of the Na’vi translators from Windtraders in Pandora. It’s a fun little gadget that pronounces Na’vi words for you out loud using the little collectible vocabulary cards. It’s been around since the land opened, but no one ever talks about it. For $19.99, you could do worse for a souvenir.

DAK7 30 19 17

The discontinued the Helicoradian flower lamp recently, but they still sell the Vein Pod!

DAK7 30 19 18

Also discontinued in recent memory were the Ikran kites. They’re still on display in the rafters of the shop, however.

DAK7 30 19 19

DAK7 30 19 35

Last but not least: they’re making progress on Club 33! I’ll just enjoy watching the process as they build it, because I’ll never be able to go inside once it’s open.

That’s it from Animal Kingdom for today. Come back next time for more updates from Walt Disney World’s most beautiful park.

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  1. Primeval Whirl is likely closed until the investigation at Lightwater Valley in the UK is completed for an accident involving the same model coaster as Primeval Whirl.

  2. Great Update!! The C batteries beside the Simba stuffie made me laugh! The _Fur Real_ Simba needs C batteries, and does not come with batteries!! (Disneyland very kindly gave us some C batteries earlier this month because at the time they didn’t sell C batteries anywhere on property.)

  3. I was glad to see a zebras in your report. I had read a number of times that they had zebras in Animal Kingdom but that they were too aggressive and had to be sent away. Do you know anything about this?

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