PHOTO REPORT: Epcot 7/20/19 (Maintenance Updates, Even More Food and Wine Booths and a Few Surprises!)


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PHOTO REPORT: Epcot 7/20/19 (Maintenance Updates, Even More Food and Wine Booths and a Few Surprises!)

Even when there’s no festival going on, Epcot still has plenty in store for even the most seasoned park-goer. Let’s check it out, shall we?

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Construction / Maintenance

epcot7 19 19 35

The entrance to the park is under a major refurbishment at the moment. You can read more about it right here.

epcot7 19 19 36

It looks like they’ve laid the groundwork for some new lamp posts.

epcot7 19 19 37

They’ve been doing a lot of digging recently too, probably for electrical work I would presume.

epcot7 19 19 3

Inside the park, at The Land pavilion, while we wait patiently for “Awesome Planet” to open, I noticed they moved the curtain up closer to the rope. I guess they got tired of me peeking in.

epcot7 19 19 4

This escalator has been out of order all week. This is the one closest to the Soarin’ entrance, too, which causes some problems early in the morning. It was just last month one of the elevators was also broken for at least a week.

epcot7 19 19 6

There’s been a hole in the ceiling for several days now, too. The whole place feels like it’s starting to fall apart.

epcot7 19 19 7

epcot7 19 19 2

Minor construction update at the site of Remy’s Ratatouille Adventure: they put some roofing on (what we think is) the new restroom building.

epcot7 19 19 1

No more exposed steel beams for this structure.

epcot7 19 19 26

Meanwhile, over in the American Adventure, they’re still working away on replacing all the concrete. I noticed today they had shifted the Pin cart onto the main path so they could get at the bricks underneath. Looks like it should be a quick job.

epcot7 19 19 27

The cart is just to the right, now.

epcot7 19 19 8

New carpet alert! The Seas with Nemo and Friends is getting a flooring upgrade.

epcot7 19 19 10

The new carpet is a flat, patternless dark grey. Not sure if all the carpet will get this new look, or if it will just be certain areas.

epcot7 19 19 9

It extends all the way down the ramp into the underwater viewing area.

epcot7 19 19 12

This area is one of my favorites, by the way. Some of the best views of tropical fish you’ll ever find are right in this building.

epcot7 19 19 13

Food and Wine 2019 Prep

epcot7 19 19 17

The Food and Wine booths, much like the swallows to Capistrano, return like clockwork every year. With the latest batch, I’d say they’re about halfway done.

epcot7 19 19 18

epcot7 19 19 24

epcot7 19 19 25

epcot7 19 19 28

epcot7 19 19 29

Next time you’re in the France pavilion mid-day, make sure you watch the “Serveur Amusant”. It’s a nice mix of comedy and impressive balance skills.

epcot7 19 19 30

epcot7 19 19 31

epcot7 19 19 19

Over in Germany, the much beloved beer booth has once again arisen from the ashes. Once Food and Wine starts, you won’t be able to see it because it will be obscured behind a large queue of thirsty guests.

epcot7 19 19 20

This booth nearby is one of the few that stays open year-round, regardless of festival. It will convert to festival food soon enough.

epcot7 19 19 21

Also in Germany are these weird little gnome figures.

epcot7 19 19 22

…and Magnets…

epcot7 19 19 23…and decorative plush. Whatever floats your boat, I suppose.

Surprises, Et Cetera

epcot7 19 19 14

For some reason, the current band playing on the stage in Canada gets the honor of their photo on the sign.

epcot7 19 19 15

They play early afternoon into the evening, and they’re not half bad. I must say, though, bring back Bodh’aktan!

epcot7 19 19 32

I had the honor of running into the Shadow Man himself, Dr. Facilier, near International Gateway today. It was quite the surprise and a really nice experience!

epcot7 19 19 33

Shortly after though this squirrel tried really hard to get into my backpack. Epcot squirrels are crafty and have no shame.

epcot7 19 19 2

Last but most certainly not least, a sleepy Figment plush has joined the army of other Figments at Mouse Gear. He’s somehow the cutest of the bunch, as well. Check out our full post and some cute pictures right here.

That’s it for today from Epcot! I’m going to go make sure my new Figment doesn’t oversleep…


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