PHOTO REPORT: Hollywood Studios 7/17/19 (Construction Updates, Green Army Men, Muppets, and Citizens of Hollywood!)


PHOTO REPORT: Hollywood Studios 7/17/19 (Construction Updates, Green Army Men, Muppets, and Citizens of Hollywood!)


PHOTO REPORT: Hollywood Studios 7/17/19 (Construction Updates, Green Army Men, Muppets, and Citizens of Hollywood!)

Take a trip with me into the Hollywood that never was at Disney’s Hollywood Studios!

hollywoodstudios7 16 19 1

Get here first thing in the morning and you might get to do some Disney trivia with the Citizens of Hollywood! There’s a prize in it if you do well enough.

hollywoodstudios7 16 19 37

Outside the Park

hollywoodstudios7 16 19 32

Construction is going full speed ahead on the remaining portion of the newly redesigned security bag check area.

hollywoodstudios7 16 19 33

hollywoodstudios7 16 19 34

hollywoodstudios7 16 19 35

I’m looking forward to having an open, easy-to-navigate park entrance again.

hollywoodstudios7 16 19 36

Not much change at the Disney Skyliner station, as it’s essentially ready to go. Official opening is September 29th.

Tower of Terror

hollywoodstudios7 16 19 23

Tower of Terror was closed for technical troubles for a while today. It’s already been running at reduced capacity all summer.

hollywoodstudios7 16 19 27

towerofterror7 16 19

Some guests are just willing to wait it out and hope to be first in when it reopens.

hollywoodstudios7 16 19 24

Me, I take this as a time to look through the exit gift shop without being run over by other guests.

hollywoodstudios7 16 19 25

hollywoodstudios7 16 19 26

It’s extra spooky in here when it’s empty.

Construction Projects

hollywoodstudios7 16 19 31

Half of the shops along Hollywood Boulevard and Sunset Boulevard are still closed for refurbishment. Mickey’s of Hollywood seems to be getting some serious facade work.

hollywoodstudios7 16 19 4

Keystone Clothiers has been closed the longest, but still hasn’t reopened. It is still said to be reopening “this summer”.

hollywoodstudios7 16 19 5

I’m keeping an eye on this project near Star Tours. Expanded restrooms? Something else? We’ll just have to wait and find out.

hollywoodstudios7 16 19 29

Here’s a fun bit of history: a lot of the concrete at center stage has been replaced in recent months and years, but a couple mementos of the past still exist.

hollywoodstudios7 16 19 30

These brass inlays are remnants of the old permanent parade lines. Back when Disney MGM Studios had a daily parade, instead of taping it off every day like at Magic Kingdom, they had permanent markers in the pavement. You can still see some of them on Hollywood Boulevard as well.

Pixar Place

hollywoodstudios7 16 19 20

The Super Shindig is ending in late September, so check it out if you haven’t yet. It’s the best iteration of an “Incredibles” dance party so far.

hollywoodstudios7 16 19 12

These super kids are tossing “10 ton” balls in the air.

hollywoodstudios7 16 19 13

Edna Mode’s meet and greet is sticking around into the future, though.

hollywoodstudios7 16 19 19

These are her current meeting times.

hollywoodstudios7 16 19 21

What’s that I spy up there?

hollywoodstudios7 16 19 22

Another piece of Hollywood Studios history! The old stage signage is alive and well, if slightly obscured, back in Pixar Place.

hollywoodstudios7 16 19 15

The Mike and Sully meet and greet has been a popular addition to Walt Disney Presents. The wait was quoted as 40 minutes at about 11 this morning. They were only guaranteeing that you would get to meet Mike, though. “Sully may or may not be meeting when you get to the front of the line” the cast members were telling us. Possible budget cut?

hollywoodstudios7 16 19 14

They also hadn’t opened the Monster’s Inc gift stand at the exit. No word on when or if it would open today.

hollywoodstudios7 16 19 17

Something I’m a big fan of is the Green Army Man drum corps. You can see them in Toy Story Land.

hollywoodstudios7 16 19 16

They often do their show in front of Alien Swirling Saucers.

hollywoodstudios7 16 19 18

hollywoodstudios7 16 19 11

As the resident Muppet fanatic, I can’t not go to Muppet courtyard whenever I’m here. I know I’ve talked about Pizzerizzo before, but have I mentioned how much I love the Stage 1 Company Store?

hollywoodstudios7 16 19 10

The Muppet gags and props in here are wonderful.

hollywoodstudios7 16 19 6

hollywoodstudios7 16 19 7

They have references to all the Muppet films made before the attraction’s original opening. This scene is from “The Muppets Take Manhattan”.

hollywoodstudios7 16 19 9

This is based on the set from the end of “The Muppet Movie”.

hollywoodstudios7 16 19 8

The hotel set is from “The Great Muppet Caper”. All of those films are fantastic and a must-watch.

I’ll stop fawning over the Muppets, now. That’s it from Hollywood Studios for today. Maybe next time I’ll write a 30-page dissertation on why Muppet*Vision 3D is the pinnacle of 3D themed show design…

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9 thoughts on “PHOTO REPORT: Hollywood Studios 7/17/19 (Construction Updates, Green Army Men, Muppets, and Citizens of Hollywood!)”

  1. Thanks for the updates!

    I’m really hoping that once Star Wars and Runaway Railway are put to bed, they will turn their focus to the Muppets. They are still such a viable franchise and that corner of the park, Muppet Square (or whatever they want to call it now), could use a new Muppet ride and a new film for the 3D theater. They have the space behind the shops (backstage areas) to put SOMETHING…ANYTHING!

    The Muppets could give the Studios extended growth and something to look forward to after Star Wars mania and would cost substantially less to produce.

    • Have always loved the Muppets! I too wish they had more of a representation in this park. However, I still love the current 3D movie. It’s literally timeless!

    • My wife and I are BIG Muppets fans. We love Muppets 3D; it just never gets old for us. And it’s a great experience to have Kermit and the gang talking right to us!

  2. Oh man I’m so bummed that the X-Files ride is closed. Forget sivako, it makes me want to say sivano.

  3. Last time I visited, I was looking forward to buying some Muppets merchandise, but couldn’t find anything (maybe a keychain?). Sad that there is nothing out there for fans hoping to buy something with their favorite characters. Guess it wasn’t selling as well as even more Star Wars stuff or whatever they have in there now.

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