PHOTO REPORT: Hollywood Studios 7/26/19 (Rainy Park Day, Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge Pins, and More Missing From Backlot Express)

Here in Florida we get really used to getting rained on every afternoon in the Summer. Less frequent are the dreary, drizzly rainy days. Today was one of those days. You see the park with new eyes when everything is slick with rain.

The ground is wet, but it’s not because of a water main leak this time. They cleaned up that mess pretty quickly, considering the size of it. I wonder if it will delay the opening of the upcoming successor to the Oasis Canteen.

It must be pretty muddy back there still judging by the tracks near the construction wall door.

Muppets Courtyard is still one of my favorite places, even in the rain.

As we covered recently, the tunnel to Galaxy’s Edge is open (sort of). With Cast Member previews starting early next month, and Annual Pass previews shortly after that, they’ll need easy access to the land.

There’s light at the end of the tunnel (literally)!

The other entrance to Galaxy’s Edge (or more often, the exit) is in Toy Story Land.

This gates should swing open soon, as well.

They even thought ahead and put a secondary, smaller sign in place welcoming guests to Toy Story Land from Batuu.

I think I like Toy Story Land better in the rain. It scares away most of the people that are usually crammed in here.

They don’t do the Super Shindig when it’s raining too hard.

“Star Wars: A Galaxy Far, Far Away” can also be delayed or canceled when the rain is too inhibitive.

I did run into some of the Storm Troopers from that show in Launch Bay during the hiatus, though. They seemed to be having a lot of fun with guests.

This one was making sure people only looked at the Imperial props and not the Rebel ones.


Speaking of Star Wars, a couple of fun new Star Wars pins released today.

Galaxy’s Edge Countdown Pin ($17.99)

This one is (I believe) the first in part of a series. I like the detail of the frame being the tunnel on Grand Avenue. I found this at several locations throughout the park; it’s a limited edition of 3500.

In addition to a couple other pins released today, we got the Star Tours pin from the Magic of Honor series. I’d been looking forward to this one.

Magic of Honor pin ($17.99)
Groot Hat ($27.99)

In other merchandise news, I found this adorable Groot hat in the Celebrity 5 & 10.

Minnie Mouse Pin ($12.99)

I stumbled upon this open edition Minnie Mouse pin at the exit of Tower of Terror. In addition to being cute, the bottom half is also spring-loaded.

Give it a shake and… sproing!

Magic Kingdom Sign ($150)

In the Stage 1 Studio Store, near Muppet*Vision, I found this metal Magic Kingdom sign for sale. I guess Cinderella Castle is considered a Land now?


The ramp to the “lower lot” as I call it, a.k.a. where Toy Story Land is, is still closed.

This work is, we believe, in relation the the upcoming Mickey and Minnie’s Runaway Railway.

Work continues at this project between Star Tours and the Sci-Fi Dine-In Restaurant.

New bushes have gone up to hide some landscaping work happening.

The Chip and Dale meet and greet has moved down to Grand Avenue in the meantime.

Backlot Express Changes

We’ve been chronicling some of the changes happening at Backlot Express, namely the removal of props to make room for more tables.

The whole place feels like it’s starting to come apart at the seams. There was a pretty bad leak during the rain today.

They’ve also started taking out decor that aren’t props to make room. There used to be a large diving wall in this room.

Also missing is the chain link fenced area that used to be near the “office”.

It all just looks really sad now.

Et Cetera

They’ve started painting the remainder of the new security structure just outside the park. We’re really close to this project being completed, I can feel it.

I can see this being finished just in time for the opening of Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge next month.

That’s it from Hollywood Studios for today. How do you cope with rainy days in the parks? Let us know!

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