CONCEPT ART: Full Tour and Floor Plans for the Star Wars Hotel Coming to Walt Disney World

Since being announced right here on (and Disney confirming it a few months later), there has been a lot of discussion among Disney fans regarding the Star Wars Hotel coming to Disney’s Hollywood Studios, and so far we’ve released expected pricing, as well as an early look at the transportation system to be used at the resort.

According to Disney, “This groundbreaking experience is unlike any resort experience you’ve ever seen. From the moment you board your launch pod, it’s a fully-immersive, multi-day Star Wars adventure aboard a luxury starship complete with high-end dining, space-view cabins and all of the exciting action you would expect from an authentic Star Wars experience.”

Today, we’re bringing you even more concept art behind the hotel, a part of the Chandrila Star Line. The name for the immersive hotel experience, Star Wars: Galactic Starcruiser, was revealed in last night’s D23 Expo media preview.

Here’s a 3-D model looking in from the top floor of the resort. Guests arrive to the right, go through security, take a launch pod to the interstellar space cruiser, and arrive in the lobby at center. Guest rooms are off to the left.

Here’s a map of the floor guests enter on. Here you’ll find some guest rooms, the dojo (a lightsaber training facility of some kind), a courtyard, table service restaurant (with dinner show entertainment), a brig, the engineering room, and some restrooms.

Guests arrive from the Launch Pod on the next level up, arriving in the lobby (in pink). This floor includes a Cantina, the bridge of the ship, a shop, restrooms, and more rooms (typical, captains, and first class varieties).

The top floor includes a catwalk and more cabins of the three class types.


Above is a 3-D model of the lobby level.

Here is a 3-D model including the catwalk above.



Here is a rendering of a display case that will appear in the lobby.

The courtyard area will feature a lot of greenery, a nice escape from the ship that offers no views of the real world outside. The rocks in the center of the room will offer guests the opportunity to use their force powers, either sliding or levitating them.

Large screens preside over the lobby area.

Here is the inside of the launch pod that will send guests from Earth to the ship to begin their journey.

In the lobby, you’ll find a large hologram tube with projections of various characters, perhaps even interacting live with guests. You may even notice s droid plugged into the console, very similar in style to those we expected to see roaming Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge.

This odd prop above the lobby will be used for a pretty cool moment. If you recall, Ben Solo was born on Chandrila, long before he turned to the Dark Side and became Kylo Ren. One of the highlights of the experience will be an attack by the First Order, likely still looking for the spy from Batuu. Guests will conduct a space assault from the bridge of the ship, but at some point, Kylo Ren will come aboard the ship. Railings and such will spark as laser blasts are fired, but Kylo will supposedly make this large piece on the ceiling “collapse” down towards guests using his Force powers during the show. He’ll also have the ability to pull actors on the ship towards him using his abilities (and special platforms located on the catwalk to make the magical effect happen).

Above is the concept for the comforter that will appear on the guest room beds.

Here’s the Sabacc table guests will find aboard the ship’s Cantina. The popular card game sold in the land will be playable here, likely without any gambling.

The guest cabins will have a fair amount of detail, not just being a place for guests to sleep (and pick up missions and such from their interactive TV sets they’ll all contain). Here, we see the decor on the bed frames.


A section of a guest cabin is presented in this 3-D rendering.

Consoles inside the bunk bed alcoves are well-themed, but also look to have a place to put your cell phone and such so it’s not too far from you through the night.


Guest rooms feature “windows” that look out into space.

The bridge of the ship will feature tons of interactive stations guests can play with, but they’ll be used more seriously when an attack from the First Order is mounted.

Guests may also have to fix things in the engineering room, but if they misbehave across the ship, they may be taken to a special bridge for warning.

The Captain’s chair features the now-public Chandrila Star Line logo.

Well, what do you think? Will you be saving up your galactic credits to stay here? Let us know in the comments!

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  1. Impressive intel, Tom.

    I can’t imagine I will be able to afford taking my family to stay there, but it has some cool concepts. Love the idea of a battle with Kyle.

  2. I’m overwelm with all those annoncement. If all of this comes truth, I will be the first to reserve and live my Star Wars 3 days life :)

  3. This looks amazing beyond belief if they can pull it off. And a “2 day cruise” is perfect…. Arrive on Day 1, check in, on-site activities at the hotel to include the dinner show. Day 2 go to Galaxy Edge in morning, mandatory “report back time” in the evening, evening of Day 2 is the First Order assault and post-dinner activity / show. Sleep, exit on Day 3 to enjoy the rest of the park.

  4. I hope the materials are durable, and that the housekeeping crew will be able to keep up, because all those nooks and crannies in the decor will be hard to keep pristine after the spilt soda, milk, juice, and crumbs that are the natural result of kids playing with them.

  5. I have heard that the hotel is basically a cruise ship and named the Halcyon. It is owned by the Chadrila Star Line.

  6. It’s probably going to be a fun one-time experience but repeatability factor is probably on the lower end. But, that being said, you will probably only have one shot at it for years as it will be booked up and I suspect reservations will be hard to come by. I doubt that MIckey will need to throw in free dining to fill the rooms.

  7. I hope those space windows in the cabins are synced to show movement through space or show first orders attack craft approaching before the show.

  8. The Star Wars: Galactic Starcruiser sounds amazing. I look forward to booking passage on the Chandrila Star Line in the near future. Thank you for sharing the details, Mr. Corless.

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