PHOTO REPORT: Hollywood Studios 8/17/19 (Skyliner Wall Progress, Galaxy’s Edge Previews, New Merchandise, ETC.)


PHOTO REPORT: Hollywood Studios 8/17/19 (Skyliner Wall Progress, Galaxy’s Edge Previews, New Merchandise, ETC.)


PHOTO REPORT: Hollywood Studios 8/17/19 (Skyliner Wall Progress, Galaxy’s Edge Previews, New Merchandise, ETC.)

Hollywood Studios is starting to finish up many of its ongoing construction projects such as Galaxy’s Edge, the Skyliner Station, and others. During our last visit to the park, we found a lot of progress on these projects as well as some new merchandise, food offerings, and more! Let’s take a look.


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Earlier in the week, we told you scrims had come down around the new restroom area heading toward the main entrance to Galaxy’s Edge.

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Since then, they have begun filling in the black planks of wood coming out of two different ends of the structure.

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There is also new brickwork in the empty spaces that stood a few days ago.

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Over in Toy Story Land, walls have come down for the side entrance to Galaxy’s Edge. Now all that stands in the way are some planters and Cast Members.

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Cast Members are stationed to help answer questions and direct guests until the land opens on August 29th.

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We recently told you about these new lanterns around the old Great Movie Ride extended queue. They look great!

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We also recently found that the Hollywood Studios Skyliner station has about half its walls down. This allows for a much easier entry process leading up to security.

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The fences around this structure in refurbishment have also been reduced to planters.

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A tiny fraction of these walls near Epic Eats has been moved back slightly. We expect these walls to come down within the next two weeks.

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Planters have gone up around Legends of Hollywood as it prepares for its re-opening on the 22nd of the month.

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Finally, a new themed stanchion is in place at Star Tours to keep guests divided from the show and the ride entrance.


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In Celebrity 5 & 10, this year’s Halloween merchandise has taken over.

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At Once Upon a Time, only Pirates of the Caribbean and The Little Mermaid Wishables are currently in stock. This is likely just a low stock issue and they’ll probably be back soon.

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There’s an adorable new Chip and Dale PatcheD patch, also available at Once Upon a Time ($9.99).

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You can also find the new line of Pride merchandise inside Once Upon a Time.

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The Tower Hotel Gifts shop is home to these great new Nightmare Before Christmas ornaments.

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This amazing new Droid Depot R5-BOO19 Halloween droid is now in stores around the park!

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Finally, this new Happy Rainbow Cupcake can be found at both Starbucks and Rosie’s All American Cafe at Hollywood Studios.

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That’s it for this week’s Hollywood Studios photo report! Stay tuned to for the latest updates around Hollywood Studios and beyond!