PHOTO REPORT: Hollywood Studios 8/8/19 (Galaxy’s Edge Previews, Security Checkpoint Expansion Now Open, New Merchandise, ETC.)


PHOTO REPORT: Hollywood Studios 8/8/19 (Galaxy’s Edge Previews, Security Checkpoint Expansion Now Open, New Merchandise, ETC.)

Greetings, Hollywood! In this week’s Hollywood Studios Photo Report, we take a look at the new Galaxy’s Edge entranceway currently being used for Cast Member previews, the opening of the new security checkpoint expansion at the front of the park, new merchandise, and more!

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We start outside the park, where the security checkpoint expansion has officially opened. Earlier last week, we showed you a first look at the walls down and construction workers putting the finishing touches on the area.

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Over at the Skyliner, a small part of the wrapping around the sign has been peeled off. This gives a small glimpse at the sign itself.

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Inside the park, more walls have been removed around the construction outside Star Tours. It is still unclear as to what this will be, but it certainly looks like it’s getting ready to wrap up soon.

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Cast Member previews of Galaxy’s Edge are officially underway and the entrance and exit to the land are located in the same general area. Entrance off to the right, exit to the far left.

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Over at Celebrity 5 & 10, some displays have been moved around. The shelves that used to have the Hollywood Studios 30th anniversary merchandise on them have been filled with Toy Story toys.

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The wall next to it has also been filled with Toy Story and plush.

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Fret not, all the leftover Hollywood Studios 30th Anniversary merchandise has been moved to the back of the store and is still available.

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At Launch Bay Cargo, Galaxy’s Edge comics #2 and #3 are available behind the counter. They are not in the comic book displays like the rest of the Stat Wars comics.

Rainbow Unicorn Sweater – $46.99

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At Beverly Sunset Boutique, there are two new Rainbow Unicorn clothing pieces available. The first is this sweater with the hood being the Unicorn’s head.

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Rainbow Unicorn shirt – $24.99

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The second is this Rainbow Unicorn “today is for dreaming” shirt.

Star Wars Join the Galactic Empire Shirt – $24.99

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Launch Bay Cargo also has this new Storm Trooper Shirt.

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That’s it for today at Hollywood Studios! Stay tuned for the latest on Galaxy’s Edge previews, as well as other ongoing construction projects in the park!

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  1. Disney is the most expensive place on earth. Every price is gouged and quadruple anywhere else. The rides and attractions are feminine, juvenile and soy based. The heat is ungodly. The rude entitled liberals with their huge strollers and fat pigs on mobility scooters dominate the Disney©® parks. Ruins the experience. Would rather take me family to Universal and be treated like a customer instead of an ignorant bleeding cash cow.

    • Universal is far worse about this than Disney.

      That doesn’t mean Disney is good about pricing (they’re not) but the Universal tickets are a rip-off and the food inside the parks is overpriced and essentially inedible (CityWalk is good, though!). I spent almost the same amount of money for two days at Universal as I did for five days at Disney, and the five days at Disney were far more pleasant and fun.

      • What about the other things I mentioned? You only had an excuse for one of my points?! Disney shill through and through

      • Yes there is heat at Universal. Except Universal is worth the wait because the rides and attractions are not primarily feminine, juvenile and forcing everyone to think like a 10 year old girl. Everything Disney produces is far left feminine social agenda. They have ruined the Muppets, Star Wars, FOX etc. Everything is social pandering, sexist and racest.
        I’ll gladly stand in the heat anywhere BUT DISNEYLAND ®©

    • Two of your points have been addressed, and you had no argument for them, so let’s address the others, shall we?

      “The rides and attractions are feminine, juvenile and soy based.”
      Clearly you have issues that need to be addressed by a professional. At what point in time did feminine become an insult? Be that as it may, last I checked, rides such as Rockin’ Roller Coaster, Twilight Zone Tower of Terror, and Expedition Everest are not juvenile. Your initial characterization, however, is. I have no idea what exactly soy based is, so I’ll leave that alone.

      “The rude entitled liberals with their huge strollers and fat pigs on mobility scooters dominate the Disney©® parks.”
      The last time I went to Universal, there were plenty of people with huge strollers and mobility scooters. This is a function of people bring families to a family destination. As far as “rude entitled liberals” go, your post makes it clear that you don’t have to be liberal to be rude. In the same vein, last I checked, there is no tried and true way to spot a liberal just by looking at them. I, for one, am very conservative, yet still greatly enjoy the Disney Parks. Characterizing anyone as a “fat pig” is just rude and childish, and makes me think it might be necessary for you to ride in one of those huge strollers before your nap time.

      Lastly, please do take your family to Universal. Your bigoted, jaded, and poor attitude would just ruin the vacation of those of us who are at Disney to have fun and forget about our cares for a few hours. Have a magical day!

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