PHOTOS: New Monorail Security Screening Areas Now Open at Disney’s Contemporary Resort

For a few weeks now, construction walls have been up around the fourth floor at Disney’s Contemporary Resort, wrapping around to where the resort’s arcade was.

Construction walls came down earlier this month, revealing a crisp, clean new monorail security screening area, but the area hadn’t been in use until now.

Today, the monorail security screening areas are officially open and in use. Guests now opt between three corridors. It’s like a Goosebumps choose-your-own-adventure, except your only nightmare is Disney Security. (Just kidding, they do a great job and are very nice… most of the time.)

Over on the left-hand side, you can pass through the new security area that will lead you to the escalators going up to the monorail. Guests looking to use the bathrooms can do so without having to pass through screening.

Guests can also take an elevator to the monorail station. The security screening area for that is on the right.

If you’re unfamiliar with the process, guests looking to board the monorail at Disney’s Contemporary Resort pass through bag check and security here before being dropped off at the Magic Kingdom, where they no longer have to pass through another security check.

Guests returning from the monorail and taking the escalators back down will spill out to the restroom area, which will effectively act as a monorail exit.

The glass walls on the left house the new screening area leading up to the escalator.

Once inside, semi-permanent queues are set up, leading guests to the permanent new screening tables and metal detectors.

Overall, it’s a great improvement from the temporary set up they had before, and even with the higher crowds this morning due to College GameDay at the Magic Kingdom, the security screening process was quick and comfortable for resort guests and those traveling on the monorail.

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  1. Looks like an airport security checkpoint. Sad that this is necessary in the world we live in. I am not sure it really makes things safer. If someone really wants to cause harm there are multiple points in WDW where they can enter.

      1. I hope we see the day where metal detectors are removed from Disney, I think it’ll happen with new gun laws passing (if they pass in the near future with our next president)

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