PHOTOS: Rooms Gutted, Artwork Removed at “The Incredibles” Test Rooms at Disney’s Contemporary Resort

We’re back at Disney’s Contemporary Resort to check in on everyone’s favorite Incredibles-themed overlay rooms… except things appear to be slightly different this time around.

While the carpet and side decor is still around, it appears that the Mrs. Incredible artwork has since been removed.

Work was well underway inside the rooms, with one of the doors kicked wide open displaying the gutted interior.

Inside, you can see bare concrete and beams, along with wiring all along the area.

The walls have been stripped, as have the ceilings.

When we first came across these rooms, we considered that the interiors might have already been finished as well, considering how finished the exterior hallway was. But it appears the rooms themselves are a long way from completion.

As far as why the artwork was removed, there’s a variety of possibilities here. It could be that they want to preserve the artwork (you can see all the scuffs on the wall and doorway, so perhaps they wanted to avoid gashing or scuffing the artwork.) It could also be that they wanted to avoid drawing any more attention to the area, especially after we broke the story, which probably caused unwanted, increased foot traffic to that hallway. Then there’s always the possibility that they may be backtracking on the project, opting to change or nix the overlay as a whole after seeing feedback on social media and such. At this point, it’s anyone’s guess.

Construction is also on view from the outside, with a series of opaque white tarps lining the Incredibles rooms currently under construction and a mystery brown tarp over on the right.

It’s no secret that a mandate was made to those in Walt Disney Imagineering and management at the Parks and Resorts that the goal is now to “leverage IPs” wherever and whenever possible. We’ll be keeping an eye on these rooms as we move forward, and we’ll see whether the project comes to fruition.

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Disney Purist
Disney Purist
2 years ago

Leave the IPs out of the Contemporary! You want characters? Go to Chef Mickey’s for breakfast and twirl that dirty napkin around your head!

2 years ago

This was badly needed!

2 years ago

The Contemporary needs an update, but not with characters.