REVIEW: New Featured Strawberry Minnie Milk Shake is Pretty In Pink at The Plaza Restaurant in the Magic Kingdom

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It’s hard to walk by The Plaza Restaurant at the Magic Kingdom without noticing the sign outside advertising the Chocolate Extreme Shake. Well, it looks like the Mickey shake has met its Minnie match. The new Minnie Milk Shake looks just as incredible!

Minnie is one of the sweetest characters we know, so we’re pretty sure this shake will reflect that. It’s absolutely adorable! It captures all the Minnie vibes.

This shake definitely has all of Minnie’s styles tied into the decoration. The pink colors and “dots” on the side just scream Minnie. Chocolate cookie ears and a white chocolate bow top it all off. This shake is massive for $14 and can easily be shared.

This shake is definitely impressive. It starts with a strawberry milkshake base and gets topped by a giant ice cream cone of strawberry ice cream and a strawberry frosted doughnut.

Two Oreo cookies stick out of the whipped cream with a white chocolate bow.

It looks difficult to tackle, but we managed. The cone is wedged into the donut and comes out in a nice chunk. It actually made it more convenient to get to the shake this way.

The glazed donut is so soft and fresh. It’s sweet with a full coating of glaze, and then a layer of strawberry icing on top. It was probably the best part of the shake.

The shake is almost too thick for the straw and would be better off eaten with a spoon. The side of the glass also has strawberry crispy pearls held on with vanilla frosting. Every direction you look, or taste, you will find strawberry! If strawberry isn’t your thing, be sure to give the Chocolate Extreme Shake a try. Will you be heading to the Plaza for the new Extreme Shakes?

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