PHOTO REPORT: Hollywood Studios 9/16/19 (Mickey’s of Hollywood Still Closed, Honoring Park Classics, Prop Damage at Milk Stand, and More!)

Bright suns from another glorious day here at Disney’s Hollywood Studios! It’s a beautiful morning and we’re ready to get our day started! We’ve spent a lot of time focusing on the new things around the park, but today we want to focus a little bit on the old.

We’ve been missing Mickey’s of Hollywood and had hoped it would be reopened by now. It’s one of our favorite stores in the park, so we hope it gets a nice remodel. With a name like Mickey’s of Hollywood, it would be nice to see a refurb similar to Legends of Hollywood, rather than Keystone Clothiers.

Unleash the crowds.

Will you go left? Or will you go right?

Guests are already starting to use and appreciate the new shade structure in the Slinky Dog Dash queue. We’re still waiting to see what’s happening with the tarps around the poles.

Inside the Stage 1 Company Store located near the exit to Muppet Vision 3*D, we see a cute little easel with art supplies. The Cast Members have set up the perfect little spot to take a break and color. This sign is definitely trying to convince me to go and watch something, though.

Speaking of signs telling you to go watch something… Don’t forget about the Mandalorian, coming to Disney+ on November 12.

If you head towards Animation Courtyard first thing in the morning, you’ll be surprised at how spacious it is before the strollers show up. In case you already forgot, check out the Mandalorian billboard in the background.

This is why we can’t have nice things. At the Milk Stand, this damage is so noticeable and disappointing as soon as you get to the register.

In Ronto Roasters, people are avoiding the small tables and backless chairs. There are plenty of other comfortable tables and chairs to choose from, but these are cute.

It’s hard to believe a baby could do this much damage. By the way, The Super Shindig is set to end on Sept. 30.

Living my best life. The Incredibles family is hidden in the linear artwork, too. Would love to see something like this over at the Contemporary

I love the “Writer’s Stop” lettering hidden on the shelving in Baseline Tap House. Things have changed tremendously around this part of the park, so it’s nice to see some references of it hidden here and there.

sci fi dine in

Sci-Fi will always be one of my favorite places in the park. This place had better remain untouched.

echo lake

Everything looks lovely on Echo Lake today. Gertie’s Ice Cream of Extinction is one of my favorite sights.

There’s a mysterious box in the pathway near the Dockside Diner.

Tower of Terror Jenga Game

It’s been a productive day here at the Hollywood Tower Hotel.

tower of terror

Well, we’re checking out for the day. Thanks for following us, and stay tuned for even more updates from WDWNT!