PHOTO REPORT: Hollywood Studios 9/5/19 (Low Crowds, Hidden Mickeys and Millennium Falcons, New Merchandise, and More!)

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Welcome to another beautiful day here at Disney’s Hollywood Studios. The weather is cool, the crowds are light, and we are ready for the day.

It was really quiet when the park opened.

The view without people is beautiful.

Choose your path. Some people are going to the right towards Toy Story Land.

How is Starbucks empty first thing in the morning?

A steady stream of people.

Everyone is heading towards Smugglers Run. The long way. We walked around the other way and started taking photos of the Millennium Falcon long before these people even got there.

It’s still early, but it’s really nice when it’s empty.

The wait time was between 60 and 70 minutes for most of the morning.

Love this view.

Seeing the characters roaming around is the best.

We’re looking for tiny hidden Millennium Falcon.

I think I see it.

It’s easier to find hidden Mickeys than hidden Falcons.

Dok-Ondar isn’t moving. He’s just… sleeping.

We love spending time here. Everything is so immersive.

When you leave Batuu, it’s strange to walk into Toy Story Land.

It’s also strange to see the land without construction walls or bushes in front of it.

The Droid Factory at Launch Bay is a little disappointing compared to the Droid Depot.

A Star Wars youth Spirit Jersey is available at Launch Bay for $44.99.

You can also get your photo taken with fake blue milk.

Tower and Terror and Rock ‘N’ Roller Coaster had very short waits throughout the day. Most of the crowds are in Galaxy’s Edge today.

The hot dogs have been removed from the menu at KRNR the Rock Station cart. They seem to have swapped out dogs for the macaroni and cheese options. This was a missed opportunity to have a mac and cheese topped hot dog. Well, we can always go get a hot dog somewhere else…

No! No, we can’t! The beer cheese hot dog is missing from the menu. How “limited time” were these offerings supposed to be?

We finally found a hot dog (sort of) in the form of a corn dog at the cart on Grand Avenue, but there are no signs of any meatballs. Maybe you could have taken away the marinara one, but the teriyaki was so good! If you try to take that French Toast Pretzel away, I will cry. You’ve been warned.

At least they left the water for us at PizzeRizzo. It was moved from the counter to a table against the wall, so we almost missed it.

A little throwback to a simpler time.

Hey kids, did you know this park used to be about the movies?

This limited edition Star Wars pin can be found in multiple locations around the park for $17.99.

A couple of new Halloween magnets have also arrived at the D-Tech on Demand kiosks in the Dark Room.

That’s all for today. Thanks for following us around Hollywood Studios and stay tuned for more updates!

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Question – what’s “the long way” everyone was walking to Smugglers Run? What’s the path we should take?

Brandy Kenny
Brandy Kenny

What do you mean “long” way around the new Star Wars land