PHOTO REPORT: Tokyo DisneySea 9/1/19 (Pirates Summer Battle, Cute Merch, Duffy’s Delightful Autumn Woods, and More!)

The heat is finally breaking here in Japan! As we start to see less humidity and the days cool, I think it’s a fantastic time to visit Tokyo DisneySea and check in on all of the new developments! Well, what are you waiting for? Let’s get going!


As I mentioned in my review of Tokyo Disneyland’s delicious Mango and Citrus Sparkling Tapioca Tea, Japan is experiencing a bit of a boba boom. Gong Cha is one of the more popular brands, and there’s an outpost with a fairly sizeable line here at Ikspiari!

This CD shop (yes, those are very much still a thing here in Japan) had posters up for the two current events’ CDs.

Tokyo Disney Resort is rather well known for releasing just about every show and event’s soundtracks for purchase. I found CDs from the most recent offerings to some old gems, still completely sealed.

This CD, for example, is from the Blazing Rhythms summer event back in 2003. Still sealed, in mint condition! No price listed, so I bet the price on the side (¥2000) would be the cost.

Over in the higher traffic areas of Ikspiari, we find this cute photo op! Come pose like a modern-day Swiss Family Robinson!

Tokyo DisneySea

I never get sick of this view, nor the music that plays here. It’s one of my favorite spots in any Disney park!

In AquaSphere Plaza, we can spot a few characters roaming and greeting guests! Fun fact: These costumes are from “Over the Waves”, a show introduced with Tokyo DisneySea’s 5th anniversary back in 2006! The show’s been gone for nearly a decade, but the costumes live on!

Normally, this is one of the most striking views at a Disney park, like seeing (and passing under) Spaceship Earth at Epcot. Unfortunately, the scaffolding and clouds wreck it a bit.

Right as I entered, the Pirates show was beginning to start gathering a crowd! So, I grabbed a spot and (thankfully) avoided the water. Pirates Summer Battle: Get Wet! is an incredibly fun show, culminating in a pirate battle between Jack Sparrow and Captain Barbossa on the waters of Mediterranean Harbor! Unfortunately, they say their final “Yo ho”s on September 1st.

The sheer amount of water sprayed on Guests is insane, but very relaxing in the hotter parts of the Tokyo summer.

And of course we have to say hi to the swashbuckling crew themselves. These Cast Members really take their role to heart, and drum up mischief with Guests even as they make their exit!

I backtracked to the Palazzo Canals, home of the Venetian Gondolas. There’s a lot that has gone in to this area to make it feel real, like these lovely displays. As I’ve said before, do they need to be here? Probably not. But do they add something to the feel of the land and the park itself? Absolutely.

Your gondolier serenades you in Italian, by the way. They’re all extremely talented, and those boats don’t run on a track.

Over in the American Waterfront, this fountain outside McDuck’s is decorated with piles of gold coins in the center and boasts “Naturally Pure Hudson River Water”. I didn’t know the Hudson River was ever pure, or maybe I’ve just spent too much time in New York.

Inside the shop, we can see these adorable decorations for the new “Duffy’s Delightful Autumn Woods” mini-event!

In another effort to get Guests wet and cool, this fountain at the center of Waterfront Park sprays both randomly and in tune to the area music! Take a visit next time you’re at Tokyo DisneySea.

Details, details, details. Take notes, Toy Story Land.

As part of the ongoing refurbishment of the S.S. Columbia, it appears part of the stern (leftmost) funnel has been removed entirely! It’s a bit hard to see in the picture, but it appears only the framework is there at present. I guess this renovation is bringing some much-needed TLC to the nearly-20 year old vessel!

This happens every morning. It’s called “The Rush for Toy Story Mania FastPasses”. But at least it’s an orderly stampede!

Over in Cape Cod, we can see that the decorations in place for Duffy’s Sunny Fun have been removed, and the cannon reinstated.

Duffy’s Delightful Autumn Woods seems light on decor compared to Duffy’s Sunny Fun. Maybe when Disney Halloween rolls around in a couple of weeks, this area will get in the spooky spirit!

SIndbad’s back!! He was gone for a 5 week annual refurb through July and the first couple weeks of August. And it’s so crowded today that there’s even a line!

On the left is Sindbad, and on the right is his adorable tiger pal Chandu. Try and tell me that tiger isn’t the cutest gosh darn thing ever.

This gem of modern Imagineering features incredible Audio-Animatronics and a beautiful musical score (with a song on the catchiness level of “It’s a Small World”). If you’re ever at Tokyo DisneySea, you absolutely should not miss Sindbad’s Storybook Voyage!

This fountain is a popular photo spot. Earlier this week, it was put behind planters for a couple of days. The folks on DisTwitterJP had a bit of a shock with that, but now it’s back!

Over in Mermaid Lagoon, we can spot Ariel’s Greeting Grotto. This area has been announced to close in March 2020, along with Fantasmic!, our nighttime show.

It’s been just over a month since Soaring: Fantastic Flight opened, and the lines haven’t broken yet! Today, the highest I saw waits at was 140, which is a new low for me.

It’s so hot that these canopies have been installed over the queue to protect guests from the sun!


Duffy/Gelatoni Stuffed Straps – ¥2900 ($27.29)

Well, I can’t just tease the Duffy merch without giving you a sneak preview! Aren’t these just darling?

Duffy Lamp – ¥4800 ($45.17)

Honestly, I have mixed opinions about the lamp. It kind of looks like Duffy is about to internally combust. But to each their own, I suppose! Take a look at the rest of the Duffy’s Delightful Autumn Woods here!

Cuddling Otter Plush – ¥2900 ($27.29)

So. Precious. Otter hugging Dory? Dory receiving and enjoying a hug? Count me in, because this is just irresistible! These are available at Discovery Gifts in Port Discovery.

Silly Socks – ¥700-¥950 ($6.59-$8.95)

And then at Figaro’s Clothiers, we can see various kinds of Disney socks! I’m not much of a silly sock person, personally, but I know a lot of people who are! These pairs range in price, but all of them would make fine additions to your sock collection!

Well, that’s about it from Tokyo DisneySea this week! Next week marks the sale of new Halloween merchandise, and the full event starts September 10th! You can view our full overview of Disney Halloween here. Are you excited for what’s coming to Tokyo DisneySea? Let us know below or on Twitter!

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