PHOTOS: Christmas Food Items Revealed for Disney Christmas 2019 at Tokyo DisneySea

Ho ho ho! It’s almost the holiday season here at Tokyo Disney Resort! Just under two months left! And just like every other seasonal event here, there’s a whole slate of food items that are coming to the resort for the holiday season! So, let’s take a look at some of the delicious items that you can try for Disney Christmas 2019 at Tokyo DisneySea!

Cafe Portofino Special Set – ¥1920 ($17.75)

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Oh boy, do I love Cafe Portofino’s special sets! I mentioned in my review of their Halloween set that they consistently perform well, so this gets me pretty excited! This set features a vegetable and chicken cream soup, linguine with soft-shell shrimp and  tomato sauce, raspberry cream chocolate cake with nuts, and choice of soft drink.

Horizon Bay Restaurant Select Five Set – ¥2080 ($19.23)

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I’ve made no secret of my enjoyment of Horizon Bay’s previous Select Five offerings. Their Halloween chocolate cake in particular is incredible! This new set features an onion soup, a meat patty with tomato and barbecue sauces, a choice of bread or rice, caramel mousse with orange compote, and a choice of soft drink. Sounds delicious!

New York Deli Special Set – ¥1260 ($11.65)

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Over at New York Deli, there’s another delicious sandwich coming for Christmas! This sandwich features camembert cheese and honey mustard chicken, with a side of fries and a drink. Yum, right?

Chocolate Donut – ¥380 ($3.51)

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Over in the snacks department, we can see this delicious-looking chocolate donut! I will say, ¥380 is a bit steep considering there’s a Krispy Kreme at Ikspiari. But, I’ll give this the benefit of the doubt. This will be available at Gondolier Snacks and Papadakis Fresh Fruit.

Black Pepper Chicken Roll with Plum – ¥550 ($5.08)

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This roll will be temporarily replacing the Black Pepper Chicken Roll at Liberty Landing Diner for the holidays. The difference is this version features some plum as well, for the holiday season! Sounds delicious to me, to be honest!

Chocolate Churro – ¥400 ($3.70)

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Unlike in the States, our seasonal variations on churros are few and far between, usually one per season. For Halloween, we’ve got a delicious Maple Pumpkin Churro. It looks like the chocolate churro will be making its annual return at both parks this year!

Hot Apple & Cinnamon Drink – ¥400 ($3.70)

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Okay, you have no idea how unreasonably excited I am for this drink. Primarily because I’m a sucker for apple and cinnamon, but also because these cups look so cute! Oh my gosh, I need it now! This delicious (non-alcoholic) concoction will be available at Gondolier Snacks and Tropic Al’s through the holiday season to keep you nice and warm!

Chocolate & Milk Mousse with Souvenir Cup – ¥800 ($7.39)

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And now we get to the souvenir item section of the list! In both items, we can see a blue background with a gold design depicting Mickey and Minnie in their “It’s Christmas Time!” outfits, which I love the minimal design on! I actually just bought a Tokyo Disneyland mug from 1984 with this exact color scheme, so it looks like they’re reaching back in time a bit! As for the dessert itself, it’s a chocolate and milk mousse. Fairly basic, but delicious nonetheless!

Coffee Cream Tart with Souvenir Plate – ¥800 ($7.39)

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With the souvenir plate (which provides a much nicer view of the design), you’ll get a coffee cream tart. Not my thing, as I’m not a coffee person, but I’ll do it for the plate!

Souvenir Lunch Case – +¥1000 ($9.24) with set meal

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Over at New York Deli and Dockside Diner, you’ll find this neat souvenir lunch case for the holiday season! I love the older character design style on the front coupled with the tickets and stars on the back! Surely, this lunch case will be incredibly tempting!

All of the Disney Christmas food goes on sale at Tokyo DisneySea on November 1st, and will be available through December 25th. We’ll also have a review of every counter-service and snack item right here on WDWNT, so stay tuned in early November for those!

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