PHOTOS: New “Moana” Character Bus Wrap Now Wayfinding Across Walt Disney World

It’s called wayfinding, Princess. It’s not just sails and knots. It’s seeing where you’re going in your mind. 

Just know that we’ll be going quite far with this new Moana character bus wrap.

Moana and Pua have made their big Walt Disney World bus debut with these new wraps, featuring the two fearless characters wayfinding out to sea.

Moana is seen wearing the Heart of Te Fiti while pulling the ropes to her sailboat. As someone with giant curly hair, I appreciate that hers takes up a solid 1/3 of the bus. However, something seems off about how they designed her face. I don’t get how they can recreate the appearances of numerous other animated characters perfectly, yet they still struggle with her facial details. Even Pua looks slightly slimmed down. In any case, I’m happy they get their own bus, even though they’ve yet to receive their own attraction.

They even included the “character” of the sea with this playful wave “waving” at cars passing by in the back.

Between the purple hues of the sky, the blues of the ocean, and the burnt orange colors of Moana’s sailboat and dress, this new bus wrap is a colorful, adventurous addition to the Disney Transport fleet.

Other recent arrivals include Monsters, Inc., The Lion King, Dumbo, Guardians of the Galaxy, and even a Frozen bus on the way.

As a reminder, these new buses feature built-in USB charging ports and refreshed interiors. The character wraps add a unique touch, and the amenities on the inside make resort hopping and navigating––or wayfinding–– the resort much more convenient.

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D. Kulich
D. Kulich
1 year ago

Looks more like Pocahontas than Moana.