Primeval Whirl is officially now a seasonal attraction

Primeval Whirl Ride Vehicles Being Tested as Attraction is Readied for Seasonal Operation

In what could be considered BREAKING NEWS for fans of the long-beleaguered Primeval Whirl attraction, today the ride vehicles have started cycling the track once again. This news comes hot on the heels of the info that we shared with you yesterday that the attraction would cease normal operation and become seasonal. However, current refurbishment calendars have Primeval Whirl closed through December 17, 2019, so this testing does not mean the attraction will necessarily open soon.

Work on fixing the attraction has not progressed much since its closure a few months ago, but today one of our reporters noticed they had started testing vehicles on the track. Seemingly whatever issue was plaguing the attraction has been resolved, or is at least close to being fixed, as ride vehicle testing is an important step to re-opening the attraction.

We still do not know what the issue was that kept the Dinoland U.S.A. coaster from operating for much of the summer, but we are glad to see it being tested once again. Refurbishment calendars as of today have the attraction listed as closed through December 17th, which is new information that seems to follow the news that the attraction would go seasonal. Previously, according to the calendars, the attraction was slated to re-open on September 29th.

You can check out our video of the action below:

Stay tuned to WDWNT for updates on this story and many more.

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  1. This is ridiculous, rides and attractions were built for the guest experience. They weren’t built to be seasonal, so why now? Closing them to save a few pennies which also increases wait times around the park? I just don’t get it. I was at WDW last week and the wait times were great, the parks were not overcrowded and you could soak in the atmosphere. Cut rides, hours and cast members. Is Star Wars that much of a bust? I’m not a Star Wars fan and “believe” that Star Wars is not Disney, something they bought. I won’t go to Star Wars land for that reason and it frees up room for someone that wants to go, no problem. It only has two rides (only one open) but you can spend $100 to build a light saber and $200 to build a driod and $50 to have drinks. Oh well, bright suns or whatever it is.

    1. Savi Lightsaber build is $215 with California sales tax and Droid build is $108 or so (guessing on the tax because did not do the droid build) Did spend the $50 on drinks though. May the force be with you.

    2. Get your facts right. It’s $200 for a light saber and $100 for a droid. As for Primeval Whirl, the coaster is suffering from irreparable stress fractures. It has been deemed to have a limited life span due to the severity of the fractures and safety concerns. We either move it to seasonal and run it sometimes, or remove it permanently. Since there has been no budgeted replacement in our five year plan, the space would sit empty for a minimum of five years.

      1. That’s awfully specific information to give out if you’re actually in the know. And if you’re actually in the know, why not just replace the tracks? It’s literally a cheap fairground attraction that operates at hundreds of low-budget seasonal parks and travelling shows.

    3. LOL to the comments. As I said, I’m not a Star Wars fan but I believe the numbers still add up to $300 ish. I guess Joshua works for Disney, I wish I did. Have a Magical Day everyone.

  2. So, I really wish I remembered where I saw the info so I could “source” my comment. But anyway. I read somewhere that a ride at a completely different park not associated with Disney had a ride like primeval whirl (pretty much the same ride from the same builders etc) that a little boy fell from a ride vehicle and so since the Disney ride was the same ride they decided to stop using it until the other rides investigation was completed. So sorry I know this is probably hard to read. I am half way asleep just trying to get the point across. Lolol. Idk if the story is true but it sounds like it could be legit. But that’s the info I found on the Internet so you know it’s true. *wink*

      1. You are correct. It was Lightwater Valley Theme Park in England and there has been very little information since the incident on 30 May.

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