REVIEW: Specialty Toffee Flight Latte Debuts at New Joffrey’s Coffee Kiosk in Disney’s Caribbean Beach Resort Skyliner Station

Before taking flight on the Disney Skyliner, you can recharge with some quality coffee and tea at the newest Joffrey’s Coffee & Tea Co. location at Walt Disney World. Just opened at Disney’s Caribbean Beach Resort’s Skyliner station, this new kiosk offers iced or hot lattes, teas, frozen drinks, and the usual tasty pastries to accompany them.

We saw signage go up at this location earlier last week, but with Cast Member previews in full swing and even construction walls coming down at Disney’s Hollywood Studios station, the kiosk is now in action and serving up all your favorites, including a Skyliner exclusive creation: the Toffee Flight Latte.

While the stand does serve the usual coffee bar drinks and pastries, you’ll want to look for the specialty beverage sign:

The Toffee Flight Latte is available hot or iced and comes blended with a hint of sea salt, caramel toffee, and dark chocolate. It’s topped with toffee crumbles and a cloud of whipped cream for $5.69 plus tax for 16 ounces.

It’s a rather large serving, and as you can see by the billowing whipped cream, they certainly don’t skimp on the toppings.

Overall, this is a toffee lover’s dream. The toffee flavor really comes through, and if you like toffee, you’ll definitely love this.

Best of all, it isn’t overly sweet, and unlike some of the other seasonal lattes on offer, like the Pumpkin Pie Latte or even the Mission to S’mores over at the Magic Kingdom, the Toffee Flight won’t turn off regular coffee drinkers, as the toffee flavor works well with the coffee and naturally compliments it. Don’t let the hint of sea salt deter you either, as it adds even more depth.

Definitely swing by this brand-new Joffrey’s Coffee location and grab the Toffee Flight Latte! Iced while it’s still warm out, then hot once Fall actually starts kicking in… sometime in November.

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Jeff C
Jeff C
2 years ago

Do you know if they will allow these (and any other beverags) on the skyliner?

2 years ago

Anyone know the hours of operation of the Skyliner and of this Joffrey’s? also, if i buy one of their beverages, may i take it on a Skyliner ride to EPCOT? Or is there a no food/drink rule? Thx